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Dr Eoin Guilfoyle
Lecturer in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice


Guilfoyle, E. (2021) 'The Community Order: A Review of the Sanction, Its Use and Operation and Research Evidence'. Place of publication: Sentencing Academy. Available at:


Guilfoyle, E. and Marder, ID. (2020) 'Using data to design and monitor sentencing guidelines: The case of Ireland'. Common Law World Review, 50 (2-3). pp. 103 - 119. ISSN: 1473-7795 Open Access Link

Journal article

Guilfoyle, E. (2017) 'What Exactly is a Community Service Order?'. Irish Probation Journal, 14 (1). pp. 189 - 205.Open Access Link

Journal article

Guilfoyle, E. (2016) 'An Exploration of the Potential Negative Effects of using Community Service Orders as an Alternative to Imprisonment for Fine Defaulters'. Irish Criminal Law Journal, 26 (4). pp. 94 - 99. ISSN: 0791-539X Open Access Link

Journal article