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Membership and affiliation

Comittee member and University Representative for the Southern Counties Materials, Minerals & Mining Society affiliated to the Instiute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (SCMMMS)

Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Chartered Chemist

Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society

Media interests

Our work was recently discussed online:

Press releases and further information on our Reborn Homewares project  Sustainable homewares hit shelves at John Lewis | Brunel University London; (8) ReBorn Homewares: Overview | LinkedInHomeware | John Lewis & Partners

Press releases and further information on our PRISM and PFP projects

Fluorescent markers fast forward recycling | Brunel University London


NEXTLOOPP Launch Live Webinar UK/EUROPE with Live Q&A - YouTube (UK/Europe)

NEXTLOOPP Launch Live Webinar ASIA/PACIFIC with Live Q&A - YouTube (Asia/Pacific)

Please see my grants (in the research tab, bottom of the page) that are linked to the UKRI database, since impact is recorded on past projects.