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Dr George Fern

Dr George Fern
Academic Director/Reader


Dr. Fern carries out research in the Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing, as well as holding an academic post in the College of Engineering Design and Physical Sciences.

He has a track record dating to 1998 working on luminescent and inorganic materials which has spanned a diverse range of applied and fundamental research, often in collaboration with industry.  This research and teaching has allowed him to develop a wide interest in synthetic and analytical chemistry of opto-electronic materials and their engineering, incorportation and operation in working devices.

He is a Chartered Chemist and Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society.

Reader, CEDPS, Brunel University London

October 2017

Senior Lecturer, CEDPS, Brunel University London


Lecturer B, CEDPS, Brunel University London


Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Chemistry , School of Science, Greenwich University


Teaching Fellow in Chemistry, School of Science, Greenwich University


Research Assistant, Chemistry, University of Hull



Laser Protection Supervisor, Wolfson Centre, Brunel University London (Ensuring institute members follow all university regulations according to BS EN 60825-142004 and developing local working rules)

Local Safety Officer in Chemistry at Brunel University (and previously Greenwich) University (Approving Risk assessments)

Ionising radiation and laser safety committee (IRLCA) member (Brunel University)

Level 1 Senior Tutor (Brunel University in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Greenwich University in Chemistry)

Mitigating Circumstances Panel

APEX Mentor

Website Champion (Mechanical and Aerospace, Brunel University)

UCAS and Open Day Tours

Newest selected publications

Silver, J., Fern, G. and Withnall, R. (2017) 'Color Conversion Phosphors for Light Emitting Diodes', in Kitai, A. (ed.) Materials for Solid State Lighting and Displays. Wiley. pp. 91 - 134. ISBN 13: 9781119140580.

Book chapter

Silver, J., Harris, P., Fern, G., Bonar, J., Valentine, G. and Gorton, S. (2016) 'Novel Approach to the Manufacture of MicroLED Colour Conversion Structures'.International Displays Workshop. Fukuoka, Japan. 8 - 9 December. 23rd International Display Workshops in conjunction with Asia Display, IDW/AD 2016. pp. 1867 - 1870.Open Access Link

Conference paper

Silver, J., Ireland, T., Fern, G. and Engelsen, D. (2016) 'Versatile Measuring Method of the Quantum Yield of Phosphor Systems with High and Low Photoluminescence'.International Displays Workshop. Fukuoka, Japan. 7 - 9 December. pp. 1104 - 1107.

Conference paper

Silver, J., Harris, P., Fern, G., Kosier, E., Kay, M. and Mitchell, J. (2016) 'Plastic Packaging Recycling Using Intelligent Separation Technologies for Materials'.International Displays Workshop. Fukuoka, Japan. 7 - 9 December. Annual Technical Conference - ANTEC, Conference Proceedings. pp. 500 - 506.Open Access Link

Conference paper

Fern, G., Silver, J., Ireland, T., Howkins, A., Jochum, T., Niehaus, JS., et al. (2016) 'Simultaneous Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, Cathodoluminescence Imaging and EELS of Quantum Dot in Rods'.Display Week 2016. San Francisco. 25 - 27 May. Yes. pp. 436 - 439. ISSN: 2154-6738 Open Access Link

Conference paper
More publications