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Dr George Fern

Dr George Fern
Academic Director/Reader


Development of novel materials and applications of phopshors

Ionising radiation detectors

PhD projects for research students

A linear peristaltic pump for biological media

Established methods used to transport biological media such as axial, centrifugal and peristaltic pumps can cause damage to micro organisms due to shear stress, crushing and high velocity movement. An example of this is extra-corporeal blood pumps used in cardiovascular surgery; blood cells suffer damage due to the non-physiological dynamics and environment. A novel linear "soft" peristaltic pump is proposed to address these issues in the clinical and bioprocessing arena's. The research proposed would be suitable for a candidate prepared to engage in multi-disciplinary tasks including computer modelling, (CFD/FEM) cell/microorganisms and their biological interfaces. It is expected that a hand-on approach to the design and development of a proof-of-concept linear peristaltic pump and resultant effects to micro-organisms will complete the experimental work.