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Please get in touch if you are interested in developing materials and applications relating to polymer processing, luminescent materials and sensors, see below for some topic ideas if you are self funded:

  • Polymer processing
  • Composite materials development
  • Development of novel materials and applications of phosphors
  • Development of luminescent carbon based nano-materials
  • Ionising radiation detectors
  • Sustainable Farming via polymer films / composites
  • Electron Microsopy of intrinsic UV emitting materials
  • Solution Processed OLED Devices
  • Development of full colour microdisplay

I you are an undergraduate student in chemical engineering and would like to get involved in working with my research group please get in touch with me.

Research supervision

Current Research Fellows

  1. Dr Aqeel Khan (PFP)
  2. Dr Kun Qi (Extrusion Projects)

Current Doctoral Researchers

  1. Hailab Kubrom, Feb 2017- Part  time
  2. Mutullingham Kumaraverl, 2021-
  3. M Andrews, 2022-
  4. C Mayo, 2022-
  5. G Shokano, 2017-
  6. B Petrovic, 2019-
  7. R Garner, 2020-
  8. Abdelaziz Ismail Kh. Abualshawareb, 2021-
  9. R. Xu, 2023-,

Past Research Fellows

  1. Dr Terry Ireland (FEUD)
  2. Dr Myles Worsley (PFP)
  3. Oliver Buchan (QANDELA) (Completed but available for consultancy in lighting)
  4. Dr Paul Harris
  5. Dr Paul Marsh
  6. Dr Ali Salimian

Past Doctoral Researchers

  1. Dr Ali Salimian, 2007, Electroluminescent Devices, Greenwich University
  2. Dr Abdullah Tahhan, 2015, Solar Cell Enhancement using a variety of materials/phosphors
  3. Dr Anna Wojdyla-Ciesam, 2016, Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coatings.
  4. Dr James Allan, 2015, Thermal-Photovoltaic Cells operation and modelling.
  5. Dr Tsegie Farris, OTFT devices
  6. Dr Fanchao Meng, PV enhancement using phosphor