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Hayleigh is a Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law and Associate Dean (Professional Development and Graduate Outcomes) at Brunel University London, as well as, Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Intellectual Property, Policy and Management, a legal consultant in the creative industries and an advisor for the independent UK charity for professional musicians, Help Musicians, writer and Book Review Editor for the specialist IP blog IPKat.

Hayleigh is well-recognised in the field of intellectual property law, in particular copyright law and the creative industries, and has attained an international reputation in the field of music copyright in particular. Her work in this area has been cited extensively in academic, practitioner and policy outputs and is regularly interviewed by numerous national and international media outlets, including the BBC, ITV, Sky News, Channel 5 News and The Guardian, The Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Hayleigh researches in the area of copyright and related laws in the creative industries, particularly in context of music, social media, and more recently artificial intelligence and related technologies e.g., NFTs. Her research always involves public, policy and industry engagement, with an emphasis on helping creators understand their rights whilst at the same time ensuring that those rights are fairly balanced and adequately supported by law. As such, she is widely published in academic peer-reviewed journals, in the press, and has responded to a number of policy inquiries at international and national level. Her recent book; Copyright in the Music Industry, is accompanied with a playlist and podcast which she produces and co-hosts with Jules O'Riordan. She appeared before the DCMS Select Committee in relation to their Inquiry on the Economics of Music Streaming and before the Science, Innocation and Technology Select Committee in relation to their Inquiry on the Governance of Artificial Intelligence.

Hayleigh is a member of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and the Research Centre for Law, Economics and Finance at Brunel. Hayleigh joined Brunel in 2018, having previously held positions at Coventry University, The University of the Arts London and the Academy of Digital Entertainment, Breda University (Netherlands). 


Hayleigh holds a PhD in Copyright Law from Bournemouth University, under the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship Award. She also has completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice and accepted as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 


Hayleigh teaches undergraduate and postgraduate Intellectual Property Law courses at Brunel Law School and leads the IP Pro Bono Service. She is also Director of Web, Marketing & Social Media for the Law School, and Associate Dean (Professional Development and Graduate Outcomes) for the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences.

Newest selected publications

Bosher, H. (2023) 'Applying Knowledge in Practice With IP Pro Bono', in Jacques, S. and Soetendorp, R. (eds.) Teaching Intellectual Property Law: Strategy and Management. London, UK : Edward Elgar. ISBN 13: 978-1-80088-099-3. Open Access Link

Book chapter

Bosher, H. and Rosati, E. (2023) 'Developments and Directions in Intellectual Property Law'. Oxford University Press. ISSN 13: 9780192864482


Bosher, H. (2023) 'Forced Faming: How the Law Can Protect Against Non-Consensual Recording and Distributing of a Person’s Voice or Image'. Communications Law, 0 (accepted, in press). pp. 1 - x. ISSN: 1746-7616 Open Access Link

Journal article

Bosher, H. (2022) 'Copyright in the Digital Single Market by Eleonora Rosati'. International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 71 (4). pp. 1010 - 1011. ISSN: 0020-5893 Open Access Link

Journal article

Bosher, H. and Jones, S. (Accepted) 'The changing impact of IP on individuals and small businesses and the importance of pro bono services', in Bosher, H. and Rosati, E. (eds.) Developments and Directions in Intellectual Property Law. Oxford University Press. , 0. pp. 1 - 9.Open Access Link

Book chapter
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