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Media interests

Hayleigh is well-recognised in the field of intellectual property law, specifically copyright law and the creative industries, and has attained an international reputation in the field of Music Copyright, in particular. Her work has been cited extensively in academic, practitioner and policy outputs. She has contributed to policy work in this area, is cited in various Government documents and has been interviewed by numerous national and international media outlets, listed below:

News, Interviews and Press 

Five Minutes With Hayleigh Bosher, Managing IP 

BBC 3 Free Thinking: Dickens, Disney and Copyright.

Interviewed on Live Channel 5 News, LBC, Radio 5 Wake Up To Money, BBC World Service, and KCBS San Fransisco on Townsend v Ed Sheeran music copyright infringement case.

Interviewed on live BBC news and ITV news on the Ed Sheeran v Sami Chokri music copyright infringement case 

As well as BBC Radio Scotland, Wales, Berkshire, 5 Live, LBC, ABC Australia, Deutschlandfunk Germany, and BBC Newscast

Interviewed on BBC Radio 4 on Dungeons and Dragons copyright licence changes. 

Interviewed on BBC Live News on Netflix

Interviewed on Generative AI, Creativity and Copyright, The Good Robot Podcast

Interviewed for the Guardian Pop Culture Podcast on AI and Music 

Interview for Sky News Podcast on music streaming inquiry

Interview for Sky News Podcast on Meghan Markle privacy and copyright case

Interview for Wall Street Journal on music industry and copyright

Interview for Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Policy on Women in IP 

Interview for Intellectual Property Magazine 

Interview with Patsnap on IP strategy 

Interview for Flora IP 

Quoted in 'Music is so different now:' Copyright law needs to change, says legal expert, The Guardian 

Quoted in 'Common decency': Beyoncé's Renaissance sparks debate about the politics of music sampling, The Guardian

Quoted in 'Unpicking the Rules Shaping Generative AI' TechCrunch

Quoted in 'Ed Sheeran Goes to Trial in Marvin Gaye Copyright Battle' Washington Post

Quote on TikTok copyrigh licensing agreements for Managing IP

Quote on changes to YouTube copyright policy for The Irish Times, The Evening Express

Quote on changes to EU Copyright Law for CNN

Quote on Copyright and AI for Special Raconteur printed in The Times

Recent and Upcoming Invited Talks and Conference presentations 

Live music inclusion for Neurodivergent people, Royal Albert Hall, 16 July 2024

Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Environment, WIPO- Viet Nam Training of Trainers, 6 June 2024

Copyright and Artificial Intelligence, WIPO & CIPPM Summer School, 8 May 2024

The Charles Clark Memorial Lecture: Perspectives on AI and IP, London Book Fair, 13 March 2024

Safeguarding Tomorrow: The Impact of AI in Media & information Industries, The British Library and The Guardian, 11 March 2024

Will Generative AI be a Terminator or a Saviour? Media and Entertainment Services Alliance Conference, London, 29 Feb 2024

Artificial Intelligence and the Creative Industries, Interactive Multimedia System and Intelligent Data Analysis research groups seminar, Brunel University London, 31 January 2024

Copyright for musicians, Notting Hill Academy of Music, 24 January 2024

Copyright Lessons from Taylor Swift, Saffron Industry Insights, 27 November 2023

Looking Ahead: What Next for AI?, AI Fringe: AI for Everyone, London, 3 November 2023

Does Every Play Deserve the Same Pay? Panel, ICE Amplify, Abbey Road Studios, 8 November 2023

Urban Lawyers Music Project, October 2023

IP Strategies for Innovators and Creators in the Age of Generative AI Panel, WIPO Conversation on Generative AI and IPSeptember 2023

AI & Ethics: Legal and Regulatory Perspectives panel, The Ivors Academy Global Creators Summit, London, September 2023

Copyright Infringement in Music, Fast Forward, London, September 2023

Music Copyright Infringement Cases, Cambridge University, August 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Copyright in Music, UK Music, May 2023

Artificial intelligence and Copyright in the Creative Industries, Brunel Centre for AI, May 2023

Hosted: Women in Music panel, Houses of Parliament, March 2023

Music Copyright Infringement, The Musicians Company and The Stationers Company London, Feb 2023

Mentoring Network Panel, co-organiser and panel host, Brunel University, 9th December 2022

Student Experience and Graduate Outcomes, Organiser and panel host, Brunel University, 6th December 2022

Music Copyright and the Streaming Inquiry, Bournemouth University, 21st November 2022

Informing and Enhancing Public Life, Brunel University, 12th October 2022

NFT Opportunities and Pitfalls for Musicians and Composers, SensoriaPro Music and Film Festival, Sheffield, 7th October 2022

Moving the Needle in the Test for Music Copyright Infringement, Society of Legal Scholars, London, 8th September 2022

The State of Music, panel host for The Ivor’s Academy, London, 5th September 2022

NFTs and Copyright in the Music Industry, PRS for Music AGM, London 25th May 2022

Music and Copyright Education, The Great Escape, Brighton, 11th May 2022

Music Makers Copyright, IBIL, UCL, London, 28th April 2022

Artificial Intelligence and Copyright in the Creative Industries, 4IP Council Webinar, 20th April 2022

Music Makers Copyright, BILETA, Exeter University, 14th April 2022

Copyright and Music, Leeds Music Conservatoire, 16th March 2022

Copyright Music Streaming Inquiry, Foot Anstey LLP, 9th February 2022

Taking inspiration and copyright infringement in music, under UK and US law, City Law School, 12th Jan 2022

UK Music Streaming Inquiry, British Literary and Artistic Society, London 9th December 2021

Influencers, EU Parliament Funded Expert Roundtable, Brussels, 26th November 2021

Copyright and Music, Leeds Conservatoire, 2nd November 2021

Copyright and Music, Sound City, Liverpool, 1st October 2021

Music Law and the Streaming Inquiry, The Intellectual Property Society, 21st July 2021

Copyright in the Music Industry, PatSnap International Webinar, 2nd March 2021

Next Steps for Copyright Policy for Music Artists, Westminster Media Forum, 11th February 2021

Digital Media and Press Publications 

Ed Sheeran Succeeds in Music Copyright Infringement Case, But It’s Not Over Yet… WIPO Magazine

Inside the Music Industry’s Battle with the UK Government over AI Song Generators The Conversation 

Justin Bieber Sells his Back Catalogue – An Expert Explains Why Artists Give up Rights to Their Music The Conversation

A Video of You Goes Viral Without Your Consent - What Does the Law Say? The Conversation 

Beyoncé is cutting a sample of Milkshake out of her new song – but not because she ‘stole’ it, The Conversation 

Why Ed Sheeran’s Court Victory Sounds Good for the Music Industry, The Conversation

Meghan Markle: Mail on Sunday Loses Appeal in Privacy Case - The Judgement Explained, The Conversation

Even famous musicians struggle to make a living from streaming – here’s how to change that, The Conversation 

Tiktok and Copyright, The Copyright Licensing Agency 

Meghan Markle letter: what the law says about the press, privacy and the public’s right to know, The ConversationThe Business Times

Katy Perry Liable for US$2.8m for Dark Horse Copyright Infringement – But the Real Loser is the Music Industry, The Conversation

Instagram Influencers: No, Having 30,000 Followers Does Not Make You a Celebrity, The Conversation

Let’s Get It On…What’s going on with Ed Sheeran Marvin Gaye copyright case, The Copyright Lawyer

10 things you should know about Instagram Terms and Conditions – The ConversationMetroIrish Examiner

Empowering Women in Intellectual Property, IP Inclusive 

Video for World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) for World IP Day on Women in IP.


Awarded: Public Engagement Research Impact Awards, Brunel 2023

"Highly Commended": UK Parliament Teacher of the Year Award 2022

Awarded: Best IP Law Academic (London), Legal Awards 2020

Nominated: First 100 Years Inspirational Women in Law Awards, Inspirational Women Awards Champion of the Year, 2019

Finalist: The British Law Awards for the Women in Law Award (Wider Industry) 2019

Awarded: Best Team Effort for IP Pro Bono in the Brunel University College Awards 2019

Awarded: Best IP Gender Equality Platform for World IP Women in the 2018 IP Excellence Awards

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