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Mrs Jasmine Cooper
Senior Lecturer


I am the Director of Student Experience for the Business School as well as Senior Lecturer in Business Education Support.Part of my job is to oversee the guidance and tailored personal support that the Student Experience Team is offering for students who are experiencing difficulties during their studies. I am responsible for the coordination of the personal tutoring support delivered by all academic staff members to both undergraduates and post-graduate students. In my role I continually develop new approaches to support students in their learning, aligned with the Business School's strategy. The Student Experience team is creating greater engagement by meeting expectations and improving the student experience.

I am available on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays between 10 - 4 pm. 

Office hours: Monday - Wednesday 1 - 3pm 

Please email me for an appointment if you need a private meeting on 


BA (Hons) - International Business / MBA - American InterContinental University, London

PGCE - UCL Institute of Education, London


My chief responsibility is for directing the overall student wellbeing experience and personal development pastoral support. I work in collaboration with specialist services to support our students' journey. Alongside these other internal and external services, I help students to prepare for life after university. In my role I guide students through their programme and support their academic, personal and professional development. By accessing the support on offer, students will be more likely to succeed in their studies and achieve their potential. I am committed to ensure that my support is meaningful and adds value to our students' educational experience.