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Research area(s)

Holds a PhD on how the media production practices of local community radio stations in the UK are entangled with performances of sociality. Inspired by interdisciplinary discourses, positioned in media, communications and cultural studies, the thesis is a response to perceived tendencies in academia to overlook ‘the local’ and to assume that because this engagement of unpaid volunteers in media production takes place on the margins of the mainstream, such practices do not then represent legitimate participation in the industry. Also explored is the relatively under-represented topic of the suburban context.

Research Interests

Interests include: Historical and cultural geographies of radio broadcasting; Radio and communities; Digital media content production practices; Journalistic practice; Promotional cultures and public relations; Sociality and social gain; Digitally-driven convergences; Practice-based research and teaching; Qualitative research methods and the reflexive mindset; Content analysis of aural texts; Storytelling and the dramatized documentary form; participative research approaches.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects