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Dr Meredith Jones

Dr Meredith Jones

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Meredith Jones is Director of the Research Centre for Global Lives and Commissioning Editor of the Routledge series Gender, Bodies and Transformation.

Her latest book, Beautyscapes: Mapping Cosmetic Surgery Tourism (written with Ruth Holliday and David Bell) is based on extensive fieldwork carried out in Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Tunisia, Spain, and Czech Republic. It also comprises digital research into cosmetic surgery websites and cosmetic surgery communities on social media. The book won the 2020 Foundation for Sociology of Health and Illness Prize.

Meredith works in the intersections of digital media theory, gender studies, and cultural studies. She is particularly interested in popular culture, visuality, and embodiment, and has published widely in these areas. Her chapter 'Media-Bodies and Photoshop' is a good example of how she links them. She often speaks publicly about social media, popular culture and feminism, and has edited a themed edition of Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty about the Kardashians as well as hosting a scholarly 'Kimposium'.

Her first book, Skintight: An Anatomy of Cosmetic Surgery, is a widely-cited foundational text in studies of makeover culture, cosmetic surgery and feminist theories of the body. Her other books include a major collection of feminist writing about cosmetic surgery that she co-edited with philosopher Cressida Heyes, Cosmetic Surgery: A Feminist Primer. She is active in the creative industries and founded the Trunk series of books with artist and designer Suzanne Boccalatte, which includes curated collections of artworks and essays about Hair and Blood.


  • PhD in Cultural Studies, University of Western Sydney, 2006
  • BA Hons. in Women's Studies, 1st Class, University of Sydney, 1998



Undergraduate Programmes

Autumn 2018: Convenor+Lecturer: Visual Cultures (Level 2)

Spring 2019: Convenor+Lecturer: Gender, Sexuality and Feminism (Level 3) 

Spring 2019: Convenor+Lecturer: Beyond Human (Level 3)


Newest selected publications

Holliday, R., Jones, M. and Bell, D. (2019) 'Beautyscapes: Mapping Cosmetic Surgery Tourism'. Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press. ISSN 13: 978-1-5261-3427-1 Open Access Link


Jones, M. (2017) 'Expressive Surfaces: The Case of the Designer Vagina'. Theory, Culture and Society, 34 (7-8). pp. 29 - 50. ISSN: 0263-2764 Open Access Link

Journal article

Jones, M. (2016) 'Je Suis Kim'. Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty, 7 (2). pp. 129 - 140. ISSN: 2040-4417 Open Access Link

Journal article

Jones, M., Holliday, R., Bell, D., Cheung, O. and Probyn, E. (Accepted) 'Sun Sea Sand and Silicone Aesthetic surgery tourism in the UK and Australia'.


Jones, M. (Accepted) '‘Sleep, Enchantment and Powerful Passivity’', in Gibson, S. (ed.) Re-Enchantment. Ausralia : University of Technology Sydney.

Book chapter
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