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Dr Mihalis Kazilas is the Director of the Brunel Composites Centre. He has more than 20 years of experience in the composites processing area. He received his PhD in Advanced Materials from Cranfield University back in 2003. His main field of expertise are polymers characterisation and polymer composites manufacturing and joining processes. He is author of several refereed scientific publications in the area of advanced composites manufacturing and process optimisation. Mihalis is a creative thinker who enjoys problem solving and able to work with different stakeholders to achieve the optimum results in both technical and managerial environments.

Work experience:

  • Sep 2019 – present: Business Group Manager, Polymer and Composite Technologies, TWI, UK
  • June 2019 – present: Director of the Non-Metallics Innovation Centre, a joint initiative between TWI, Saudi Aramco and ADNOC
  • Oct 2016 – present: Centre Director, Brunel Composites Innovation Centre, Brunel University London, UK
  • Feb 2012 – 2019: Section Manager, Adhesives, Composites and Sealants (ACS) section within the Joining Process Group at TWI, UK
  • May 2006 – Jan 2012: R&D Consultant, Project Engineer, Collaborative Projects Operations Manager at INASCO, Greece


PhD in advanced materials


Director of the Brunel Composites Centre (BCC)

Centre Description: Innovation Centre established in September 2016 by TWI and Brunel University.

Centre vision: Become an internationally renowned centre for composites joining and interfacial phenomena involving composites

Centre mission and technology remit:

  • Study physicochemical phenomena that take place at the interface of composite materials
  • Create solutions for better processing and joining of composites
  • De-risk innovation in composites for quick industrial application

Newest selected publications

Omairey, S., Sampethai, S., Hans, L., Worrall, C., Lewis, S., Negro, D., et al. (2021) 'Development of innovative automated solutions for the assembly of multifunctional thermoplastic composite fuselage'. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 117 (5-6). pp. 1721 - 1738. ISSN: 0178-0026 Open Access Link

Journal article

Omairey, S., Jayasree, N. and Kazilas, M. (2021) 'Defects and uncertainties of adhesively bonded composite joints'. SN Applied Sciences, 3 (9). ISSN: 2523-3963 Open Access Link

Journal article

Jayasree, N., Omairey, S. and Kazilas, M. (2020) 'Novel multi-zone self-heated composites tool for out-of-autoclave aerospace components manufacturing'. Science and Engineering of Composite Materials, 27 (1). pp. 325 - 334. ISSN: 0792-1233 Open Access Link

Journal article

Loukodimou, V., Kazilas, MC. and Skordos, AA. (2019) 'Simulation of damage on carbon fibre laminates using the Ladev├Ęze material model'.18th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM-18). Athens, Greece. 1 - 28 June. Proceedings of the 18th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM-18). pp. 1 - 7.Open Access Link

Conference paper

Pouchias, A., Kazilas, M., Cunningham, P. and Stein, J. (2019) 'Development of a flexible dielectric sensor for flow monitoring of the liquid resin infusion process'. Sensors, 19 (23). pp. 5292 - 5292. ISSN: 1424-8220 Open Access Link

Journal article
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