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Dr Mohamed Abdelkader Ismail
Senior Lecturer (Education) in Civil Engineering



A transformative Professor and Academic with extensive experience in Civil Engineering. Highly skilled in developing and implementing comprehensive course curricula to deliver insights on concepts and components of Civil Engineering. Proven ability in forging clear channels of communication with students and interdisciplinary team members, coordinating research programs and projects based on engineering fundamentals and future objectives


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Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Civil Engineering


I am a Senior lecturer in Civil and Environmental Engineering at NCUT- Brunel London University in Beijing, China. My duties are mainly teaching different subjects in the Civil Engineering area for Undergraduate students.

Newest selected publications

Tanash, AO., Muthusamy, K., Mat Yahaya, F. and Ismail, MA. (2023) 'Potential of recycled powder from clay Brick, sanitary Ware, and concrete waste as a cement substitute for Concrete: An overview'. Construction and Building Materials, 401. pp. 1 - 22. ISSN: 0950-0618

Journal article

Kumar, R., Singh, V. and Ismail, M. (2023) 'Post-Earthquake Damage Identification of Buildings with LMSST'. Buildings, 13 (7). pp. 1 - 12.Open Access Link

Journal article

Ruslan, HN., Tanash, AO., Muthusamy, K., Yang, LW. and Ismail, MA. (2023) 'Properties of Sustainable Concrete Containing Recycled Fine Aggregate as Partial Sand Replacement', in Mendonça, P., Tsukamoto, H., Chastre, C., Chastre, VV. and Jaya, RP. (eds.) Key Engineering Materials. Stafa-Zurich, Switzerland : Trans Tech Publications. , 942. pp. 129 - 135.

Book chapter

Soleymani, HR. and Ismail, M. (2022) 'Challenges and new trends in infrastructure life cycle cost analysis'. International Journal of Sustainable Building Technology and Urban Development, 13 (2). pp. 221 - 230. ISSN: 2093-761X Open Access Link

Journal article

Jamaludin, NFA., Muthusamy, K., Md Jaafar, MF., Putra Jaya, R. and Ismail, MA. (2022) 'Performance of Palm Oil Clinker Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Comprising Spent Garnet as Fine Aggregate Replacement'. Advances in Civil Engineering, 2022. pp. 1 - 13. ISSN: 1687-8086 Open Access Link

Journal article
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