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Dr Monica Degen

Marie Jahoda 149


  • Cities, space and urban culture
  • Urban regeneration
  • time and space
  • The senses and embodiment
  • Material cultures
  • Sociology of everyday life

Research supervision

Iain Lindsay: Olympicisation: life in the shadow of the Olympic torch; 2009 – 2012 completed

Nessa Adams (PT): Identifying Multicultural Audiences: An Examination of the Practice and Future of Communication Agencies; 2010 – 2016 completed

Danil Mikhailov (PT): Problems of Authority in the Emerging Online Culture; 2010 – 2015

Jasbinder Nijjar (PT): Police race relations in Southall and Tottenham, 2013-2018

Sundos Abdulrahim (FT): Audience engagement and participation in contemporary museums, 2015-2018

Clementina Obijuru (FT): Cultural Tourism in Nigeria, 2017-2020