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Dr Nic Crowe

Dr Nic Crowe
Senior Lecturer in Education

Gaskell Building 051


Nic Crowe is a qualified Teacher, Youth and Community Worker and Fellow of The Higher Education Academy. He is an experienced Practitioner with a background in technology and cultural studies. His main research focuses on "The Fantasy Cultures of Youth", specifically:

  • Young People's use of On-Line Games
  • Virtual Worlds and Learning Communities
  • Young People and Fantasy Role Play
  • Young People’s experiences of Manga, Anime and the Fantasy genre
  • The 'dark-side' of digital technology

His PhD thesis was a five year ethnographic study of an on-line world entitled ‘Hanging with the Catherby Shark Gurlz’ and other Runescape stories’. It focused on young people’s use of the internet for gaming, and looked particularly at virtual identities, virtual communities and their culture(s). He has made a number Media appearances talking about on-line gaming and its associated culture, including a presentation of his Runescape research for Radio 4’s ‘Thinking Allowed’.


Academic Appeals and Misconduct Co-ordinator

Newest selected publications

Watts, DM. and Crowe, N. (2015) 'The Geography of Trolls, Grief Tourists and ‘playing’ with digital transgression.', in Horton, J. and Evans, B. (eds.) Play, Recreation, Health and Well Being. Springer Singapore. , 9. pp. 1 - 18.

Book chapter

Crowe, N. and Watts, DM. (2014) '“We’re just like Gok, but in reverse”: Ana Girls – empowerment and resistance in digital communities'. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 21 (3). pp. 379 - 390. ISSN: 0267-3843 Open Access Link

Journal article

Crowe, N. and Watts, DM. (2014) ''When I click "ok" I become Sassy – I become a girl.' Young people and gender identity: Subverting the ‘body’ in massively multi-player online role-playing games'. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 19 (2). pp. 217 - 231. ISSN: 0267-3843 Open Access Link

Journal article

Crowe, N. (2014) 'Gaming and Computer Science', inIntroducing Computing: A guide for Teachers. Taylor and Francis. ISBN 13: 9781138022850.

Book chapter

Crowe, N. (2013) 'Online gaming and digital fantasy for scientific literacy', in Watts, DM. (ed.) Debates in science education. London : Routledge. ISBN 13: 9780415658294.

Book chapter
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