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Research area(s)

  • Psychological and physiological responses to competition and inequality
  • Facial morphology, health and endocrine status
  • Perception of personality in faces

Research Interests

After a BSc in Psychology at the University of Leeds I completed my PhD at McMaster University in Canada under the supervision of Martin Daly and Margo Wilson. Following periods of postdoctoral work in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Liverpool and the University of East Anglia working with Matt Gage, I worked briefly at the University of Stirling with Ian Penton-Voak before joining the Department of Psychology at Brunel in 2004.

Much of my research focuses on the psychological and physiological responses of males to various forms of competition, and the effects of socioeconomic inequality. In addition, I use traditional anthropometric and modern geometric morphometric techniques to examine associations between facial morphology, health and endocrine status and also to examine what facial cues people use to form judgments of personality in others.

Research grants and projects

Project details

Facial and bodily temperature maps of emotions (2015-2017) Bial Foundation EUR 38,700 with Lúcia Garrido (PI)