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Dr Richard Bonser
Brunel Academic Director (West London Institute of Technology) / Reader

Research area(s)

Richard’s research interests are concerned with the design and development of new materials and structures. He is particularly interested in the application of biomimetics (defined as ‘the abstraction of good design from nature’). Having a background in biomechanics and biological materials mechanics, he is also interested in the development of sustainable materials derived from renewable feedstocks.


Dr Richard Bonser lectures in Environmentally Sensitive and Sustainable Design, specialising in the use of biomimetics in design and development of new materials and structures.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects

Project details

Octopus Project

This EU-funded project seeks to develop a soft-bodied octopus-inspired robot. Current work is concerned with the development of a soft yet tough waterproof skin and biomimetic suckers, inspired by those of the squid.

  • Sponsors: European Union
  • Value: €7m (€736k)
  • Dates: 2009-13

Richard has been awarded grants totalling more than £8m in the last 14 years, including funding from EU, EPSRC, BBSRC, The Royal Society and the Nuffield Foundation