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Research area(s)

I am researching methodologies of autobiography, through practice and critical reflection. This consists of writing my own biography and reflecting upon it in the light of contemporary critical theories of autobiography, specifically autoethnography. As a queer autoethnographic researcher, I locate my life as itself a historical product of LGBTQ and working class experience in the latter part of the 20th century.

Research Interests

Life Writing. Ethnography and autobiography in theory and practice.

As an autoethnographer, I borrow my methodologies and world view from the social sciences, and their critical theories. Having a broader background in Marxist and continental philosophical and critical traditions (from Heidegger to Foucault), I am currently interested in New and Psychological Materialism from multiple persepctives, with a keen emphasis on situationism both socially and cognitively (from Bourdieu's Habitus and Field to contemporary investigations of Situated Cognition).

I read autobiographies, and write my own life, with the aid of queer, post colonial, feminist and gender critiques.

Finally, and inevitably therefore, I am interested in - and always researching and living in - LGBTQ and working class history, and researching personal development and process within social exclusion and trauma studies.