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Professor Shouxun Ji

Gardiner Building 003c

Research area(s)

Materials and Metallurgy

Research Interests

His research is on lightweight alloy materials and structures with the overarching goal to advance the state-of-the-art in innovative materials and manufacturing methods in association with the understanding of the mechanical behaviours and strengthening mechanisms of metallic materials from solidification, casting, deformation, and heat treatment. Currently, his research projects include (1) light weight materials for automotive industry, especially super ductile aluminium alloys and magnesium alloys, (2) high pressure die casting of thin-wall casting, (3) semi-solid processing of aluminium alloys and magnesium alloys.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects

Project details

(1) Funder name: EPSRC (Role: CoI). Title: Materials Made Smarter Centre (MMSC). Start date: 01 July 2021. End date: 31 Dec 2024. Amount: GBP 671,549  

(2) Funder name: Innovate UK (Role: PI). Title: Foundry 2030. Start date: 01 March 2021.  End date: 31 Aug 2022. Amount: GBP 626,500.

(3) Funder name: Innovate UK (Role: PI). Title: Casting hybrid aluminium manufacturing process products (CHAMPP). Start date: 01 July 2021. End date: 31 Nov 2022. Amount: GBP 149,995.

(4) Funder name: APC (Role: PI). Title: Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture (LEVA). Start date: 01 Oct 2020. End date: 31 Sept 2021. Amount: GBP 231,000

(5) Funder name: Husqvarna (Role: PI). Title: High thermal conductive magnesium cylinder: alloys and products. Start date: 01 June. 2020. End date: 31 May 2021. Amount: GBP 205,000.

(6) Funder name: EPSRC and JLR (Role: PI). Title: Residue stress in casting engine components. Start date: 01 Oct. 2019.  End date: 28 Feb. 2023. Amount: GBP 124,000

(7) Funder name: Husqvarna (Role: PI). Title: Magnesium piston: alloys and products. Start date: 01 Feb. 2018. End date: 31 Jan 2020. Amount: GBP 399,000   

(8) Funder name: IUK (Role: PI). Title: ARCH-Hybrid structure. Start date: 01 Oct. 2018. End date: 31 March 2021. Amount: GBP 275,000 

(9)  Funder name: innovate UK (Role: PI). Title: Light weighting Children Bikes.  Start date: 01 Sept. 2017. End date: 31 March 2019.  Amount: GBP 204,000

(10) Funder name: EPSRC (Role: PI). Title: Wear resistant ADI for camshaft in automotive engine - EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA). Start date: 1 Oct 2017. End date: 31 Sept. 2018. Amount: GBP 19,900

(11)  Funder name: EPSRC (Role: PI). Title: Manufacturing of high integrity castings. Start date: 09 Sept 2017, End date: 31 Aug 2020. Amount: GBP 124,000          

(12) Funder name: APC (Role: CoI but run the project). Title: Chameleon (APC6-HPDC components for cars). Start date: 01 June 2017, End date: 30 May 2019. Amount: GBP 558,000

(13) Funder name: APC (Role: CoI). Title: Manufacturing of thin wall castings for automotive industry-APC-DC. Start date: 01 July 2017, End date: 30 June 2019. Amount: GBP 781,246 

(14) Funder name: Jaguar Land Rover (Role: PI). Title: The cast Al-Ni-Mn alloys for the applications at elevated temperatures. Start date: 20 January 2016, End date: 19 January 2019. Amount: GBP 111,000 

(15) Funder reference: EP/N007638/1 (Role: CoI). Funder name: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Title: Future Liquid Metal Engineering Hub. Start date: 1 November 2015. End date: 31 October 2022. Amount: GBP 10,138,665

(16) Funder reference: WEAF058 (Role: PI). Funder name: National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP). Title: Lead-free Detonating Cords. Start date: 15 October 2015 , End date: 15 September 2018. Amount: GBP 104,706  

(17) Funder name: Jaguar Land Rover (Role: PI). Title: Aluminium alloys for elevated temperatures in automotive engines. Start date: 15 September 2015, End date: 14 September 2018. Amount: GBP 390,000  

(18)  Funder name: Jaguar Land Rover (Role: PI).  Title: Aluminium alloys with improved modulus. Start date: 15 September 2015,  End date: 14 September 2018. Amount: GBP 390,000

(19) Funder name: Jaguar Land Rover (Role: PI). Title: Development of a high strength aluminium alloy for automotive applications. Start date: 15 September 2015. End date: 14 September 2018. Amount: GBP 390,000   

(20) Funder name: Technology Strategy Board (Role: CoI but run the project). Title: Lightweight Energy Absorbing Aluminium Structures for Transport (LEAAST). Start date: 1 June 2015. End date: 31 May 2018. Amount: GBP 599,689

(21)  Funder name: West Focus -- Knowledge Exchange (Role: PI). Title: PARK Seed Fund Investment Application: Application of high thermal conductive magnesium alloys. Start date: 1 March 2015 , End date: 30 June 2016. Amount: GBP 11,749 

(22)  Funder name: EPSRC (Role: PI). Title: Technology evaluation of high strength aluminium alloys through making automotive components - EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) - Readiness. Start date: 1 March 2015,   End date: 30 March 2016. Amount: GBP 19,700

(23) Funder name: EPSRC (Role: PI). Title:  EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) - Secondments. Start date: 1 March 2014 ,  End date: 31 December 2014. Amount: GBP 11,900 

(24) Funder name: BronzeAlu (Role: PI). Title: Aluminium alloy - high pressure casting test for aerospace application. Start date: 14 January 2014. End date: 27 February 2015. Amount: GBP 50,191 

(25)  Funder reference: EP/K031422/1 (Role: CoI). Funder name: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Title: Small items of research equipment at Brunel University. Start date: 1 September 2013,  End date: 31 March 2014. Amount: GBP 400,000

(26) Funder name: PERA (Role: PI). Title: Monoblock casting technology for heat exchanger. Start date: 1 August 2013,               End date: 10 December 2013. Amount: GBP 8,900

(27)  Funder reference: 101172 (Role: PI). Funder name: Technology Strategy Board. Title: RASCAL: Recyclable Aluminium Structural Casting Alloy. Start date: 1 November 2012 , End date: 31 October 2014. Amount: GBP 275,385