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Dr Steven Smith
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences


Steven obtained a B.Sc. in Medical Sciences from the University of Leeds and received a Ph.D. for a project at the Cancer Medicine Research Unit at St. James's University Hospital, Leeds, investigating the CD8 T-cell stimulating properties of a DNA vaccine encoding multiple, melanoma-associated epitopes. Following a post-doctoral position at the Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research in which he examined the role of auto-reactive CD8 T-cells and T-cell regulation in the context of joint inflammation, he joined the group of Prof. Hazel Dockrell at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where he investigated the cellular immune response to BCG vaccination and more generally with immune mechanisms that might provide protection against tuberculosis infection and disease. Steven joined the Division of Biosciences in January 2020.


B.Sc. (Hons)



Newest selected publications

Kimuda, SG., Andia-Biraro, I., Sebina, I., Egesa, M., Nalwoga, A., Smith, SG., et al. (2020) 'Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection is associated with increased B cell responses to unrelated pathogens'. Scientific Reports, 10 (1). pp. 1 - 11. ISSN: 2045-2322 Open Access Link

Journal article

Pérez-Hernández, CA., Kern, CC., Butkeviciute, E., McCarthy, E., Dockrell, HM., Moreno-Altamirano, MMB., et al. (2020) 'Mitochondrial Signature in Human Monocytes and Resistance to Infection in C. elegans During Fumarate-Induced Innate Immune Training'. Frontiers in Immunology, 11. pp. 1715. ISSN: 1664-3224 Open Access Link

Journal article

Lubyayi, L., Mawa, PA., Nabakooza, G., Nakibuule, M., Tushabe, JV., Serubanja, J., et al. (2020) 'Maternal Latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis Does Not Affect the Infant Immune Response Following BCG at Birth: An Observational Longitudinal Study in Uganda'. Frontiers in Immunology, 11. pp. 929. ISSN: 1664-3224 Open Access Link

Journal article

Prabowo, SA., Smith, SG., Seifert, K. and Fletcher, HA. (2019) 'Impact of individual-level factors on Ex vivo mycobacterial growth inhibition: Associations of immune cell phenotype, cytomegalovirus-specific response and sex with immunity following BCG vaccination in humans'. Tuberculosis, 119. pp. 101876 - 101876. ISSN: 1472-9792

Journal article

Prabowo, SA., Painter, H., Zelmer, A., Smith, SG., Seifert, K., Amat, M., et al. (2019) 'RUTI vaccination enhances inhibition of mycobacterial growth ex vivo and induces a shift of monocyte phenotype in mice'. Frontiers in Immunology, 10 (APR). pp. 894. ISSN: 1664-3224 Open Access Link

Journal article
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