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Dr Thomas Murray
HP Lecturer - Physiotherapy & Physician Assoc.


During my PhD I investigated the neural processes involved in the perception of emotions from facial expressions, using functional MRI and representational similarity analysis, and how this perception changes across the adult lifespan. Since finishing my PhD I have started researching age-related changes in functional connectivity within the emotion processing network.

Murray, T., O'Brien, J., Sagiv, N., & Garrido, L. (2021). The role of stimulus-based cues and conceptual information in processing facial expressions of emotion. Cortex, 144, 109-132. (Preprint:

Murray, T., O'Brien, J., & Kumari, V. (Submitted) Changes in functional connectivity associated with facial expression processing over the working adult lifespan. (Preprint:


PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience (2020)