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Dr Victor Jatula

Dr Victor Jatula
Lecturer in Communications and Journalism

Gaskell 176


My research is located in the general field of press, politics and development. I focus on journalism, political economy and democracy. It is problem-based and relies on qualitative and empirical data collection methods. 

My research is located in the broad fields of media, democracy and development. It is problem-based and relies on qualitative and emphirical data collection methods. The key research focus is economic and political development with a particular emphasis on the political economy of the mass media. Specifically, it investigates factors that foster or hinder democratic process, political participation and social development. It also examines the role of communication in such spaces and societies. My overarching focus is press and politics; and how this interconnection underpins social changes and development in emerging democracies


FHEA (In-view) Brunel University LondonCertificate in Teaching and Education- Griffith College IrelandPhD in Politics (Communication)- University of Limerick, IrelandMA in Media and Communication- University of Leicester, UKBA, History and Diplomatic Studies- Ogun State University, Nigeria


Teaching- undergraduate and postgraduate students in communication, journalism and sociologyResearch- current focus is press and politics in post-war democracies (Liberia and Sierra Leone)Adminstration- Co-Chair of the Decolonisation Coalition at CBASS Supervision- undergraudate and post-graduate dissertationTutoring- student advising on academic and research related interests/.