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Physician Associate MSc - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for prospective Physician Associate MSc year one students

Is the Physician Associate MSc course accredited?

Due to the lack of professional regulation, Physician Associate courses are currently not accredited by an external body. However, our Physician Associate MSc follows the most recent standards set by the Faculty of Physician Associates

What is the current regulation status for Physician Associates? 

In July 2019, the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) announced it had requested that the General Medical Council (GMC), the organisation that regulates doctors, also regulate Physician Associates. For the latest information about the regulation, please visit the Faculty of Physician Associates website. 

Where can I practise as a Physician Associate after completing the Physician Associate MSc at Brunel? 

On successful completion of your Physician Associate MSc you’ll be eligible to sit the Physician Associate National Examination and join the Managed Voluntary Register. Once you've passed the national exam, you'll be able to work in a variety of healthcare settings within the UK. Please note, Physician Associates trained in the UK may not be eligible to work as a Physician Associate in other countries, such as the US or Canada.  

I currently reside outside of the UK - can I still have an interview? 

Yes, we can arrange alternative interview methods, such as Skype calls, for applicants not able to travel to the university.

My credits/qualifications are international - do they count? 

Yes, we accept international qualifications as long as they are equivalent or above our UK entry requirements. To view the course entry requirements please visit the course webpage