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Physician Associate work placements

Develop your knowledge and communication skills by safely practising your learned skills in a wide variety of real clinical environments.

Your Physician Associate degree includes over 1,800 hours of professional practice which will fully prepare you to practise in a wide variety of specialties and clinical settings. In the first year of your physician associate degree, you’ll work one day a week and in your second year, four and a half days per week.

We have great links with some of the most highly-regarded health providers in London so you’ll gain rich and diverse experience from your clinical placements which include rotations in a variety of clinical settings such as Accident and Emergency, Acute Medicine, General Practice, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Surgery.

You’ll be able to drive the change you want to see in this sector. As part of your dissertation, you’ll assess an existing work-based process or challenge and then develop your own progressive proposals towards improving this.

When you graduate, you’ll already have exceptional work experience on your CV and be part of a growing profession in the NHS where vacancies currently exceed the supply of skilled professionals in this field. Physician Associates have the flexibility to work in a range of clinical settings including General Practice, Emergency Medicine and multiple Adult Medical and Surgical specialties.

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