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Physiotherapy skills development

Physiotherapy is a demanding yet rewarding profession where you’ll learn a number of skills that can change people’s lives for the better.

Our physiotherapy degrees are built-in with hands-on training to help you develop these essential skills to become a qualified and practising physiotherapist.Our courses are made up of core values to ensure you receive a comprehensive learning experience.

Critical analysis

It’s vital that you’re able to gather the right information from your patient and then either relay that in medical terms to other clinicians to develop effective solutions or propose fixes of your own.

In our physiotherapy degrees, you’ll first learn a range of theory and information before you’ll put this knowledge into practice in your second year in real clinical placements that test your ability to use your initiative.

One such example of how you’ll be challenged to develop solutions as part of team is the recent collaboration between Physiotherapy and Design students to tackle ways to meet the needs of injured rugby players.

Safety first focus

As a physiotherapist, you are responsible for the safety and effective care of your patient as well as yourself.
Before you can start a placement in a clinical setting on our undergraduate degree, it is compulsory for you to successfully complete training in manual handling, basic life support and infection control tutorials on your Physiotherapy BSc.

Communication skills

Good communication skills involves more than just verbal discussion, it also involves empathy, good listening and relationship building skills and the ability to make concise yet helpful dialogue that your patients can understand.
On your physiotherapy degree at Brunel, you’ll actively learn these skills and get the opportunity to practice on your fellow students. This experience will prepare you for practice within real clinical environment when you go on your work placements.


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View our ageing suits video for an example on how we develop your patient empathy skills


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