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Solidification and Casting of Aluminium Alloys: from Basics to Technology

Date: 2nd-6th September, 2024
Location: Brunel University London

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Read more about our training course below.

The BCAST “Solidification and Casting of Aluminium Alloys course is a 5-day professional development course covering: Metal preparation, Structure formation, Impurities and inclusions, Casting basics and technologies, Casting defects, and workshops on Metallography, Process simulation, and Microstructure and Alloy analysis, and a tour of the BCAST facilities. The course is endorsed and co-sponsored by The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, and quality assured and PD approved by Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

 This is a recognised Continuous Professional Development (CPD) course (equivalent to 5 credit points) and will be held on the campus of Brunel University London and hosted by BCAST's academic staff.

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Who should attend?
Professionals working in the casting and metal processing industry with a background in materials engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering.

Why this course?
The everyday issues with the casting defects, microstructure control, casting quality and safety require the knowledge of metallurgical and solidification basics. This CPD course will help you reduce downtime and improve your product quality because you will be able to diagnose and solve problems quickly.

What will the course provide with?
• Good understanding of melt preparation, safety, sustainability and economics of casting operations;
• Important knowledge on fundamentals of solidification and structure formation, including grain refining, eutectic modification, and inclusion control;
• Overview of all major casting technologies and the control of casting quality, including casting defects and post processing;
• Access to leading experts in the field with broad expertise; and
• Workshops and networking activities.

What modules do the course includes?
• Metal preparation (6 hrs);
• Structure formation, impurities and inclusions (9 hrs);
• Casting basics and technologies (9 hrs);
• Casting defects (3 hrs);
• Metallography, Process simulation, and Microstructure and alloys analysis workshops; and
• Tour of the facilities.

Who are the course instructors?
Prof. Shouxun Ji, Prof. Dmitry Eskin, Prof. Hari-Babu Nadendla, Prof. Geoff Scamans, Dr Brian McKay, Prof. Hamid Assadi, Dr Yang Huang, Dr Chamini Mendis, and Prof. Isaac Chang.

Who should attend?
• Casting engineers, technologists, managers, R&D engineers, industrial researchers, postgraduate researchers.

This continuous professional development course is recognized as professional development and equivalent of 5 credit pointsAll participants will be issued with a certificate of course completion.

How much does the course cost?
The cost of the course is £2,500, which includes: course attendance, on-campus accommodation, breakfasts and lunches, welcome dinner and graduation dinner, coursework.

Payment deadlines
Final Early Bird Registration (10% discount) up to 30th April, 2024; and
Final Registration Deadline - 30th June, 2024. TMS and IoM3 members will still have a 10% discount, proof of membership needs to be provided.