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In REF 2014 Brunel Psychology was commended for its “exemplary strategic approach to impact that is conducive to delivering future impacts of outstanding reach and significance.” CCE members have made strong contributions in this area in recent years and continue to so today. Examples include:

  • Price developed links with the Financial Services Knowledge Transfer Network (FS-KTN), for example he organized a conference with them on human nature and banking, was plenary speaker at their annual conference, and for several years wrote a bi-monthly column in the banking magazine Global Custodian 
  • Marshall’s research on relationships and social media has attracted the attention of Facebook, who have consulted with her about how they could be a more positive influence when their users are in the process of ending a relationship 
  • Launay’s research on links between singing and wellbeing has led him to collaborate with major charities (Workers Education Association, Age UK) to support community choir projects, as well as smaller organisations like Choirs Beating Time (supporting choirs in prisons) and Sound Resource (working with a variety of groups to create closer communities through singing)
  • Gaines has partnered with NGOs—including Traidcraft and the Oxfam-affiliated Hodi—to assist them with measuring wellbeing and alleviating poverty at research sites in India and Zambia 
  • Pound was involved in developing a public engagement programme with the Wellcome Trust for the bicentenary of Darwin's birth
  • Price and Launay have conducted research with the Sunday Assembly (an international organization of secular congregations) on the effect of secular community on wellbeing
  • Recent public engagement presentations have included the Natural History Museum (Clark), Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (Price), Policy Exchange (Launay), Dorset Humanists (Price), and Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (Pound, Price)
  • Adair is a member of The Bridge - a collective of West London community members, activists, researchers, and healthcare providers. This group facilitates connections between Women's Health researchers and women, nonbinary, trans, and pregnant people in our local community for the purposes of empowered, inclusive, and participatory research activity

Partnership and collaboration strategy

We are committed to the development of strategic partnerships with businesses, industry and the not-for-profit sector that will enhance impactful research and high quality funded research. We are also open to strategic collaborations with high quality academic establishments that will enhance opportunities for large-scale funded projects, DTCs and staff exchanges.

Please contact us and visit our Business pages to find out about collaborating with our experts.