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High-tech manufacturing expertise

Our expertise fulfils the long-term goal of UK high-tech manufacturing by offering a vehicle for:

  • Introducing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence for productive, excellent, robust and agile manufacturing chains - Predictive manufacturing capabilities of the future, at wider national scale breaking the existing close loop boundaries.
  • Creating novel Predictive Manufacturing capabilities for inline process optimisation
  • Embedding the Zero Waste within the high-value manufacturing sectors of the UK, by facilitating the computational infrastructure and promoting predictive quality and non-destructive inspection methods.
  • Creation and Proliferation of the science and technologies for scalable, reconfigurable and flexible first-time right manufacturing.
  • Accelerating the adoption of digital manufacturing and hybrid manufacturing systems and processes, including but not limited to Additive Manufacturing and 4D Printing to meet upcoming demands of freeform and Just-in-Time production.