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BCISS staff are available for a range of advisory and consultancy functions, both to government and to the private sector. At the moment, BCISS are engaged as partners to several significant endeavours of the British Ministry of Defence and other private partners. BCISS members are available for consultancy or media appearances. Our individual expertise are:

  • Prof. Davies has broad expertise on UK and global intelligence issues, and has conducted significant media appearances on these topics. He has consulted widely on general intelligence issues, focusing especially on organisation and management.
  • Dr. Gustafson can speak authoritatively about current important issues dealing with UK security, intelligence, and broad global military issues. Dr. Gustafson maintains an additional expertise on US security and intelligence issues. He has worked to apply intelligence methodologies to counter-poaching and conservation in Africa.
  • Dr. Steven Wagner: is able to speak to the media on intelligence and security, generally and specifically on the Israel-Palestine conflict. He conducts consultancy on these topics, as well as on gaming and simulation as an analytical tool.
  • Dr Dan Lomas can comment on intelligence and policymaking, domestic security and the impact of intelligence in popular culture. He has extensive experience of media work and has written for the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and provided commentary to international media organisations.
  • Dr. Neveen Shaaban Abdalla can talk about Terrorism / counterterrorism in general, intelligence failures (or so-called intelligence failures), and concerns relations to requirements and priorities. She can speak in detail about Security and political conditions in Western Africa and in the Middle East.


Professor Philip Davies has recently published an article in collaboration with Dr Dennis G Molinaro at Ontario Tech (available from our Publications page) looking at a body of declassified Canadian official papers that describe how Canadian Prime Minister’s private office established a group to engage in in ‘surveillance’ of, and ‘political action’ against, the separatism movement in the province of Quebec. These papers detail not just concerns raised about this group, codenamed FAN TAN raised by the head of the RCMP Security Service John Starnes, but also Cabinet deliberations of the government of then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau regarding intelligence on Quebec separatism as well as well as a submission by Starnes to a subsequent Royal Commission into the activities of the Security Service. 

The FAN TAN documents used for the article are also available from our Publications page

Defence Command Paper 2023

Throughout the spring and early summer of 2023, BCISS was consulted on the recently published Defence Command Paper 2023 (DCP23).  The BCISS Public Consultation report for DCP23 can be found here.


Our partners are private firms who assist the Centre and our students with advice, guests talks, and opportunities for internships and employment: