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Training and capacity building

The group combines in-house and partners’ expertise to engage and help organisations and individuals leverage technology to amplify their impact and achieve sustainable development. We organise training and events such as hackathons and summits to connect multidisciplinary teams and have them create new ideas and design technologies creatively to address social challenges. 

We also translate research activities into training for computer science students at Brunel University London (BUL) to strengthen critical skills and build capacities for work in computer science for the social good field. This includes:

  • Giving opportunities for students across all levels to engage with social good initiatives.

  • Providing a platform (e.g. internships or exchange programmes) where BUL computer science students can work directly with social good ventures or NGOs globally to design, build and test real-world, impactful technical development projects.

  • Sourcing and providing students with seed funding and mentorship to begin their own social impact initiatives through a competitive Idea Hub initiative at Brunel University London.

We are interested in partnering with nonprofits, government agencies, and social impact organisations to create internship and placement opportunities for students. Please contact us directly if you are interested in partnering with us.