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Our experts

We have members from Brunel Design School and collaborators in Brunel University London. The group members have a strong track record of collaborating with national and international partners, including Belgium, Canada, China, Finland, France, India, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, and USA. 

Professor Hua Dong
Inclusive design, creative and systematic design processes, design for healthy ageing
Dr Richard Evans
Social product development, human factors, digital innovation, virtual collaboration and knowledge management
Dr Arthi Manohar
Social design and technology, user-centred design and human-computer interaction
Dr Eujin Pei
Additive manufacturing and 4D printing
Professor Robert Macredie
Human-computer interaction and information systems
Dr Georgia Spiliotopoulou
Occupational therapy
Mrs Eleanor van den Heuvel
Ageing research, assistive technology for dementia and community engagement
Dr Lulu Yin
Dr Lulu Yin
Postdoctoral Research Fellow