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Our research areas

The Sustainable PLasticS researcH (SPLaSH) group combines the strengths of social scientists and colleagues working in the area of plastic pollution from Environmental Sciences (Dr Eleni Iacovidou, Prof Susan Jobling), Design (Dr Fabrizio Ceschin) and Engineering (Professor Karnik Taverdi, Dr George Fern), interweaving behaviour change, public health protection, resource and waste management, governance aspects and sustainability design considerations.

Our complementary skills include risk communication, behaviour change, risk assessment, multi-criteria decision analysis and sustainability indicators/ metrics.

Our research includes, but is not limited to:

  • understanding and communicating risks of plastics;
  • engaging society with plastic problems, and
  • assessing the sustainability of circular economy solutions.

We look at:

  • the transboundary movements of plastics and plastic waste,
  • smart tracking of plastic waste 
  • global challenges and inequalities surrounding ‘waste’, and
  • interactions between media, policy and publics.