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Collaborative partnerships

The work of the Group involves a number of industries from the UK and abroad.

Current industrial partners include:

  • Aavid-Boyd Corporation,
  • Oxford nanoSystems,
  • Alfa Laval,
  • TMD Technologies ltd,
  • Cal Gavin,
  • Rainford Precision,
  • Oxford Lasers,
  • CERN (European Laboratory for Particle Physics),
  • IBM,
  • Drax Group Plc.,
  • TG Group ltd,
  • HiETA Technologies.

Group members collaborate with several well-established groups in a number of universities including:

  • Imperial College London,
  • University of Edinburgh,
  • University of Nottingham,
  • University of Birmingham,
  • University of Cambridge,
  • Queen Mary University London,
  • Newcastle University, and
  • the University of Padova.

The TPHT Group is a member of the Virtual International Research Institute of Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer, where a selection of key laboratories across the world join forces to contribute to this timely area of research and industrial relevance.

Consultancy work

Our Group members provide support for industry through consultancy work and short-term projects. Companies and institutions wishing to collaborate with the Group on long or short research and consultancy projects are invited to email the Group Leader, Professor Tassos G. Karayiannis, email: