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Our purpose and aims

The principal purpose of the Institute of Communities and Society (ICS) is to facilitate and drive the growth of high-quality, interdisciplinary, challenge-led research across and beyond the University. We facilitate original and compelling research, responding to existing and emerging social and community needs, in order to shape the policy agenda on issues such as migration and mobility, social cohesion, inequalities, security and rights, and transparency in our economic institutions, among others.

The principal aims of the ICS 

  • Creation of a strengthened, inclusive research environment across the University and reaching to regional, national and international contexts
  • Extensive public engagement, addressing societal challenges and their impacts
  • Development of our understanding of key contemporary social, economic, humanities, and political questions and challenges
  • Finding novel, pioneering and possibly disruptive solutions to them

In 2021-22 we are committed to:

  • Building upon public/community engagement at all stages or our research
  • Addressing pandemic, post-pandemic and future pandemic issues as a matter of priority
  • Partnering with key stakeholders (third sector, industry, community and cultural groups, government)
  • Actively and purposefully demonstrating our commitment to equality and diversity.