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Professor Anne Cranny-Francis: Brainstorming session with faculty researchers

Reaching out: The value and practice of transdisciplinary research

What is noise?

As part of her visit to Brunel University London, Professor Anne Cranny-Francis will be hosting a brainstorming session for Brunel faculty researchers.

The session will offer a series of discussions and activities that introduces some key ideas about the practice of transdisciplinarity and explores how transdisciplinary collaborations might be developed within the Centre.  

This is followed by a series of invited presentations in which participants give their own disciplinary perspective on a particular topic; each person has 5 minutes or less and two powerpoint slides.  The aim is to demonstrate the differences between disciplines, but also to explore their complementarities and scope for cooperation.  Our topic is:  what is noise?

After lunch we expand this exercise to include all participants. Working in small groups that contain participants from more than one discipline we ask participants to develop an approach to a specific research problem that uses their disciplinary specificities as an asset.  We finish with discussion of transdisciplinarity in the context of the Centre and its agenda. 

All welcome but please register attendance with Jo Lakey.