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Brunel Integrated PhD

The Brunel Integrated PhD combines PhD research with a programme of structured research, professional and subject training. The programme typically takes 4 years (compared to 3 years for a non-integrated PhD programme). On successful completion, you will be awarded a PhD with an Integrated Postgraduate Diploma in Research in your chosen subject specialisation.

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Benefits of undertaking the Integrated PhD

You will benefit from this programme immensely if you want to:  

  • receive a more much guided and hands-on supervision of your learning and research process, especially if you come from more traditional teaching cultures
  • increase your chances for a timely completion of your PhD programme in comparison to students taking traditional route PhD, cutting down the expenses associated with prolonged study
  • access to tailored, highly specialist research training not available as part of the support provided to traditional route PhD students
  • maximise your chances for a successful research analysis by applying practical assignments and training which are part of the integrated PhD directly to the research you do for your thesis     
  • receive an official Postgraduate Diploma in Research in addition to your PhD award to certify the completion of skills training which may be required by employers in some countries if you wish to pursue an academic career 

The programme is suitable for all research students but especially for those from outside the UK who may need additional support to adapt to the UK educational system and those joining a PhD programme without a Masters degree or with a Masters degree which did not focus on developing research skills. 

Contact our Enquiries team.
Course Enquiries: +44 (0)1895 265599 (before you submit an application)
Admissions Office: +44 (0)1895 265265 (after you submit an application)

Programme structure

The programme of taught modules runs in parallel to your research work during the first three years of study, with the fourth year providing time for you to focus on writing up your PhD thesis. The taught modules cover research and professional skills as well as providing discipline-specific content. The Brunel Integrated PhD aims to support an individual’s development as a research professional. It aims to produce researchers who are well prepared to embark on careers as academics or professional researchers. As well as the skills to conduct and disseminate high quality academic research, researchers will develop a range of broader (‘transferable’) skills to help ensure that their work has impact in the wider world.

Integrated programme structure 2

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 “The structure and high quality of the Integrated PhD programme has provided me with the opportunity to develop my research skills and to participate in advanced taught modules with experts and researchers in different research areas.

Brunel University offered me a truly unique experience, combining the best education with an extensive programme of activities, a fantastic place for research and making friends”.  

Ali Tarhini is from Lebanon and has completed the Brunel Integrated PhD Programme in Information Systems and Computing.