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Investigation and modelling of fast frequency phenomena

The aim of the F2P- Investigation and modelling of fast frequency phenomena - project is to accurately observe and consequently predict frequency fluctuations at an operational level across the GB power system.

Our research will increase insight into fast frequency phenomena on the GB power grid through analysis and visualisation, and through the development of modelling techniques. The project will make recommendations on data, models and processes for managing power system inertia, that will enable and support both the current and future large-scale integration of renewable energy sources into the GB power system in an operationally secure and economic manner. It will also shape future innovation strategy and R&D programmes at both NG and the Smart Power Networks theme at Brunel University London, and establish pathways for greater knowledge transfer between NG as the industry partner and Brunel as the academic partner in both research and teaching.

The following main objectives will be achieved:

  1. Gather PMU data for GB power system incidents of interest.
  2. Develop a visualisation approach for overlaying such gathered data on the GB power system.
  3. Explore the variation of frequency phenomena with power system location and characteristics.
  4. Explore and evaluate whether existing power system modelling software can comprehensively explain the observed phenomena. Make recommendations as appropriate for any improvements to National Grid’s data, models or processes.
  5. Implement a range of models, from simple test models up to the full GB system.
  6. Demonstrate simulation of actual incidents, validating results at the PMU level.

Project duration

Phase 1 - 1st May 2018 to 30th April 201

Phase 2 - 1st May 2019 to 31st Oct 2020

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