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Marginalised theatre practices in Brazil and United Kingdom

Despite distant geographical positions, Brazil and Britain share similarities in how theatre and performance are historically categorised. Cultural and academic attention has privileged Shakespeare and traditional theatre in the UK at risk of undervaluing genres such as street theatre, music hall and musical theatre, fringe and alternative theatre.

Dominant theatre categories in Brazil, established largely under European influence, similarly overlook performance practices and influences intersecting with diasporic postcolonial legacies including indigenous practices, circus, music theatre, and burlettas.

The aim of this cross-Atlantic research project is to identify common gaps, share historiographical methods, and expand current knowledge of previously marginalised performance practices and traditions. Outcomes benefiting students, staff and the general public include a series of lectures and seminars, research meetings and workshops, open-access reports, as well as academic publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Meet the Principal Investigator(s) for the project

Dr Grant Peterson

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Project last modified 28/11/2023