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Moving to London and the UK

Posted: June 10 2022

Bahaa Abdul Ghani, Mechanical Engineering

Moving to a new country to study is a whole different experience. So, I thought I would share some advice and tips to better prepare you for this.

Food: Food may not seem a problem when you live in your home country, but when you settle abroad, you will feel the importance of it. Although London is an international city with diverse food options, and most probably you will find food native to your home country but it is still a challenge.

Education and life experience: If you are planning to study for a bachelor's or postgraduate in the UK you will most probably find a university that can fit your needs in terms of location, course and ranking. UK and London will not only provide you with a world- class academic level, but it can give you an unforgettable experience in life. Living independently is a great advantage, although it is hard for many people, it will make you more goal- focused and less distracted.

Travel: During my studies in the UK, I travelled to many cities in the UK which enhanced my knowledge about historic cities and events. Additionally, travelling to Europe does not require a hassle, although for many international students, you need a Schengen visa to travel there. With that, it’s quite easy to get a visa, giving students the opportunity to explore new cultures.

Meeting new people: Meeting new people, especially in London, will give you the ultimate experience of dealing with different nationalities and cultures, since London is diverse with international students from multiple countries residing in it. Hence, you will end up having educated friends from different countries around the world.

Tips to do before coming to the UK:

  • Do the finances, how much you can afford to pay for accommodation, university, and personal allowance.
  • Search for a house preferably close to the university to cut transportation costs.
  • Get winter clothes
  • Organise your papers

Tips to do when you reach the UK:

  • Finish your police registration
  • Sign up with a GP with NHS for medical care
  • Set up a student bank account
  • Organise your schedule for the week ahead every Sunday