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Placement opportunity leads Management student to Racing Driver Manager role

Anish  Gohil

Brunel supported my unconventional approach of sourcing my own apprenticeship opportunity as a manager to a racing driver where I achieved my highest career achievement

Anish , Alumni, Postgraduate

Racing Driver Manager, Advait Deodhar Racing

Management MSc - 2019

From India

Tell us about your career journey since you graduated…

I am currently based in the UK. I started working as a manager to a European Champion racing driver, Advait Deodhar, currently racing in the EuroNASCAR Championship. I am also his spotter during the race events. I started as an apprentice and was initially responsible for designing sponsorship pitches and proposals, tailoring each pitch to suit the driver’s needs. I am also a FMCG business development manager.

What does an average day at work involve for you?

My primary role involves me sourcing sponsorship for the racing driver, generating PR coverage for the driver in the UK and India in mainstream media houses. I manage and supply sponsorship proposals, e-brochures, website and service general PR needs. I am also responsible for designing and implementing sponsorship activation strategies for our sponsors ensuring ROI.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

The racing driver that I manage, Advait Deodhar, became the first ever Indian to win any form of NASCAR racing competition. Currently I am the only Indian working as a spotter in NASCAR racing history. We registered our name in the history books by winning on our debut in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series.

How would you say Brunel helped you to get where you are today?

As an international student, when I had made my application to study with Brunel University London, I had issues with Home Office visa approval process. Matthew from the Brunel Immigration department was patient and extremely helpful in securing my place with Brunel (and I now have indefinite leave to remain in the UK). Being elected as a Student Representative for the Management course was key to my personal development. Brunel approved my unconventional approach of sourcing my own apprenticeship opportunity in working as a manager to a racing driver where I achieved my highest career achievement.

Why did you choose to study at Brunel and why would you recommend Brunel to others?

Brunel offered a postgraduate Management course that was perfect for my career path. While studying at Brunel I came across mentors and career counsellors that assisted me in integrating with various business networking events hosted on campus. Brunel is a place to fast forward your opportunity to fulfil your goals.

What is your best memory of studying here?

As a PGT Management Course Representative, I integrated with students and the Students’ Union and made many new friends; I am still in touch with some of them, sharing our knowledge and discussing new ideas. Best memories are working in group projects - the challenges faced then are my best memories now. I enjoyed the Brunel nightlife, especially when I had the opportunity to display my DJ-ing skills.

If you could give one piece of advice to new students, what would that be?

Focusing on the academics is important, but also join various societies and clubs, integrate yourself with the Students’ Union and be open to attending various networking events and seminars hosted by Brunel. Brunel has an excellent Careers department; they are very approachable, so seek advice from them on how to secure an internship in your relevant field. Internships will not only give you a valuable insight into the real world and work experience but will also help you to secure your future job.

What would be your top tip or advice for new graduates as they begin their career journey?

Give 100% and leave no stone unturned. Remember that honesty and integrity is a two-way bridge to business ethics in maintaining good relationships. Try to help those who are struggling, because in this process you might learn something new. The academic environment allows you to try new things, so fail and rebuild yourself to make the best of this self-development process. Brunel networking and placement prospects are key to your future success. When you start your career / new job, don’t be afraid to ask questions - listen and learn from the professionals with experience.