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A maths graduates advice to new students

Matthew Arnold

Brunel ensured that I gained self-confidence when it came to addressing a new challenge alongside problem-solving and computational skills.

Matthew, Alumni

Applications Engineer , Redwood Technologies Limited

Mathematics BSc -

From UK

Why did you choose to study at Brunel?

I felt that Brunel hit the sweet-spot with its modules; alongside the pure mathematics I was able to flex my skills within practical computer-based modules and also applied areas such as mechanics and risk analysis. Brunel ensured that I gained self-confidence when it came to addressing a new challenge alongside the problem-solving and computational skills which studying mathematics brings. All of this enabled me to land my role at Redwood Technologies.

How does it feel being back at Brunel but giving a talk?

It was a great feeling to be back at Brunel giving a talk. It wasn’t that long ago where I was on the receiving end of such a talk, and at the time I definitely never imagined that I would be in this situation.

Why did you agree to do this talk, what do you think students get from this?

When I was a student, I always felt that the talks were given from model students who always got the best grades etc. My journey through university definitely wasn’t the easiest, so I really felt that I could give students some advice from the perspective of a not so easy path through to graduation.

When you were studying at Brunel and you attended this, what did you get from these sessions and how did it help you to get to where you are?

These sessions really opened my eyes to just how many areas of work that a maths degree opens up to me. It also highlighted just how proactive the placement and careers team are when it came to assisting students

What advice would you give to students in their final year looking for graduate positions?

Don’t just rush into the first graduate role that you will find. There is a huge amount of open jobs out there, so don’t be disheartened if you can’t find any that you like. Saying that you should trust fate may sound a bit silly, but in reality the ideal job for you will come along when it’s your time. For some people, that time is much sooner than others. If your time has not arrived yet, that does not mean you are any less hireable; it just means that the right role has not come along yet.