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Widen career prospects with a MSc in Structural Integrity

Warren Bath

Upon completion of the MSc in Structural Integrity I landed my dream job at TWI as a project leader.

Warren, Alumni

Project Leader, The Welding Institute (TWI)

Structural Integrity (Asset Reliability Management) MSc - 2015

From UK

Why did you choose to study your Master's at Brunel?

I was attracted to the course as it offered modules that were of particular interest to me, such as finite element analysis, non-destructive testing and radiography. Working in both an academic and industry environment has helped me enormously in my career search.

What have you achieved  since graduating? 

Upon completion of the MSc in Structural Integrity, I began employment with TWI as a project leader, an appointment that was made possible through the knowledge, skills and the network of connections obtained during my time on my master’s degree.