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Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Setting you up for your future in engineering


Brunel University had been a very important stepping stone for me to launch my career, the learning I did about Engineering and working on multidisciplinary projects as well as meeting likeminded individuals empowered me to find opportunities to grow and excel in my career.
The quality and breadth of my degree enabled me to switch focus mid-career as I had a great foundation across a wide skills base
Barry, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
Brunel gave me the opportunity to shape my international career
Ziad, Research, Alumni
Systems Engineering PhD
From Jordan more...
Brunel helped me in developing the ability to take on a challenge, supported by a great mentor
Anthony, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
All credit goes to Dr. Maysam Abbod and Prof. Balachandran for their wonderful supervision
Ranjit, Research, Alumni
From Malaysia more...
I chose Brunel due to its reputation. I would recommend Brunel, as the programs of study have been tailored to match [industry] job requirements as much as possible
Mujtaba, Postgraduate, Alumni
Enterprise Systems Development MSc
From Saudi Arabia more...
I chose to study at Brunel because of its reputation for industry relationships and its ability to bring people from many different cultures together
Having lecturers who work in the industry has always helped me grow and prepare
Waqas, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Pakistan more...
I met some very nice lecturers during my time at Brunel who pushed and guided me
Nima, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Iraq more...
Brunel has excellent and dedicated teaching staff that want the best for you
By graduating with an Engineering degree from Brunel, I developed the foundation to build up my career
Faz, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Iran more...
My placement year has really helped me progress in terms of technical skills and areas of expertise
Lorenzo, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Italy more...
The Careers team at Brunel is amazing. They helped me a huge amount in presenting myself professionally in interviews and on my CV
Mohammed, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
My work is mainly in research and development
My best memory of studying at Brunel is finding new friends and living on campus.
Brunel provided me with the skills needed for my journey into an academic research career
I joined Brunel because of its reputation and strong ties to many industries
Aristotelis, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Cyprus more...
Brunel helped me in seeing the bigger picture; combining the theoretical background alongside the hands-on exposure via laboratory work
Antonios, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Greece more...
I chose Brunel for the highly ranked Engineering department with excellent academic staff
Hattan, Research, Alumni
From Saudi Arabia more...
Brunel provided a challenging environment in which achievements required handling of multi-aspect problem solving efforts
The international environment [at Brunel] helps students to build their social skills
Brunel gave me the foundation, technical and problem-solving skills that have allowed me to be successful
William, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Greece more...
I was able to experiment and learn from experience [at Brunel], guided by the theoretical knowledge from the classroom
I'd recommend Brunel for the pedigree of the lecturers and the opportunities available to students
Tom, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
The Industrial PhD provides a great opportunity to not only learn how the academic research is done, but also how the industrial research environment is.


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