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Under the APEX Framework, the APDU offers three pathways that helps staff achieve their Associate Fellow, Fellow or Senior Fellow recognition, while further developing their teaching and learning practises. This includes the Higher Education Teaching and Learning (HETL) programme, Academic Professional Programme, and Apex Open.


1. Higher Education Teaching and Learning (HETL)

Doctoral Researchers who are interested in learning more about teaching can join our HETL programme.  This is open to all Doctoral Researchers and is offered via a blended learning format which will require participants to independently study the Epigeum Online University Teaching: Core Skills course, and participate in synchronous follow-up HETL sessions, covering 'Learning in HE, Teaching in HE, Assessments and Feedback, Student Success and the Wider Context of HE'.

All participants completing the programme will receive a certificate.  To find out more about the programme, register to attend the next available 'HETL Introduction' session via Inkpath.

Doctoral researchers with regular teaching responsibilities will have the option of submitting their Associate Fellowship (AFHEA) application, consisting of a portfolio and evidence of supporting learning appropriate to descriptor 1 of the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education (UKPSF).  Participants without current teaching responsibilities will be encouraged to prepare their application once they have the required practice to successfully achieve Associate Fellowship of the Advance HE (AFHEA). .

Introduction to Learning & Teaching for Demonstrators and GTAs

This training is recommended for Doctoral Researchers who are about to start their role as Demonstrators or Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) and have not attended the required training previously.  This training provides the contextual and practical knowledge needed for participants to perform their roles in supporting learning and teaching, and is aligned to the UKPSF.

To attend the next available training session, register via Inkpath

2. Academic Professional Programme

The Academic Professional Programme (APP) is based on the Level 7 Academic Professional apprenticeship standard and offers those new to teaching:

  • Opportunities to develop scholarly, reflective, evidence-based practices in learning, teaching and assessment.
  • Opportunities for collegial engagement with peers from a range of subjects and disciplines.
  • A route to professional recognition in relation to the UKPSF.

The APP is for staff with less than two years full-time teaching in higher education in the UK. Academic staff with more than 2 years full-time teaching experience can use the APEX Open route to achieve Fellowship.

​Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded Fellowship of Advance HE. The programme is closely aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education (UKPSF)


 3. APEX Open

The APDU support academic and professional staff preparing for Advance HE fellowship applications (Associate Fellow, Fellow and Senior Fellow). We are currently accredited by Advance HE to run our own recognition panels, with the decisions overseen by an external reviewer to assure standards.

​​​​APEX Open is available to all who contribute to learning and teaching, including support staff and administrators, library, careers and marketing staff, provided they have sufficient experience in teaching/ supporting learning in HE, and have more than two years’ experience.

If you are interested in taking part in APEX Open, please contact a member of the APDU team