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Honorary Fellows

The University awards ‘Fellow of the University’ to:

  • Retired staff (of any designation or grade) of the University who have given exceptional service to, or made a significant contribution to the development of, the University, through the calibre and integrity of their work, and/or by demonstrating commitment of time, effort and loyalty to the institution.
  • Local people or others who have established a close working relationship with the University and have thereby made a significant contribution to its development.



AANONSON, John: former member of staff, Research and Special Collections Librarian

LEAHY, Professor William: former member of staff, Vice Provost for Students, Staff and Civic Engagement

PEARCE, Jill: workforce development and training in a social care setting expert


BENSON, Jim: former member of staff, Secretary to Council and University Secretary

COLE, Nicola: Chair of Spotlight YOPD, former member of Council

CZAJKA, Annabel: former member of staff, Personal Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor

FOX, Janet Denise: former member of staff, Head of the Student Centre

GOOLEY, Sir Mike: former SAS Officer and founder of Trailfinders travel company

HOBSON, Prof Peter R Hobson: former member of staff, Head of the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

KANAKAMEDALA, Praveen: Independent Member of Council and former member of the Remunerations and Finance Committees

MARKWELL, Paul: energy sector expert, former member of Council

NAYLOR, Dr Sandra: former member of staff, Vice-Dean of Education and Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

PORTMAN-SMITH, Carole: former member of staff, Director of Brunel Urban Scholars programme

SPIELMAN, Amanda: former Chair of Ofqual and HM Chief Inspector OFSTED and independent member of Council 

SERRET, Susan: Head Of Partnerships at Trinity Homeless Projects & SHOC. Worked with Brunel Volunteers in 2016 

WARTON, Paul: Brunel graduate, Executive Vice President for Hydro Extrusions

YATES, Tony: Brunel graduate; former member of staff, Head of Infrastructure and Operations






BOWRING, Kevin: former Rugby Union coach

CHAPMAN, Mary: Chartered director and former Council member

LAWSON, Jerry: Co-founder and Chief Executive of Frog Bikes

MARKHAM, Michael: Council and former Mayor of Hillingdon

SINGH SHAKHON, Amardeep: Brunel graduate and co-founder of Karmarama 

SINGH SHAKHON, Gurmit: Brunel graduate and co-founder of Karmarama 

WARD, Andrew: former Director of Corporate Relations at Brunel


ANDERSON FORD, David: Former Director of Research Ethics and Governance at Brunel

BELISARIO, Tony: Brunel graduate and former Council member

BLACK, Moira: CBE, former Council member

GABRIELSON, Stuart: Education Manager CEDPS and Doctor of Philosophy

MAW, Chris: Chair of West London Business

PARDEY, Chris: Brunel graduate and our alumni representative in Singapore

RICHARDS, Shelagh: Former member of the HR team

ROBINSON, John: Former Finance Director at Brunel

STRACHAN, Tracy: Commercial Director at Brunel 


AL-KARAGHOULI, Janet Anne: Former member of staff, IT procurement

BRADLEY, Martin: Industrial Supervisor for electrical engineering students

BROUGH, David: Chairman of Hayes Town Partnership

JARRETT, Martin: Established the University Technology Centre for Constellium at Brunel

TURNOCK, Paul: Former Course Director, Product Design


FELL, Heather: Brunel graduate, Athlete

TEMPLE, Chris: Director of Insurance of Colfax Corporation

THORNEYCROFT-SMITH: Christopher; Brunel graduate, former CEO at IVECO

VINCENT, Christine: Former College Director Principal, London Brunel International College

WHYTE, Greg: Brunel graduate, Professor of Applied Sport and Exercise Science, Liverpool John Moore’s University

WILKINSON, Jay: Former member of staff, Director of the Arts Centre


BONNEY, Norman: Former member of staff, Director of the Computer Centre

CLAY-JONES, Amanda: Head of Brand at Telefonica

HENSLEY, John: Engineer and Deputy Mayor/Councillor

VERMA, Ash: Chair for Harrow in Business

WALLIS, Jon: Former Campus Police Officer

WOODWARD, Liz: Former member of staff, Head of Corporate Events


BRACKENRIDGE Celia: Former member of staff; Director of the Centre for Youth Sport and Athlete Welfare

BRECKTON Peter: Former member of staff; Head of Department of Physical Education, received Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence, School Chair of Governors

BRUXTON Martin: Emeritus Professor of Health Economics and founder of Brunel's Health Economics Research Group

DENT Adrian: Researcher in Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPSRC); ran the Teaching Company Scheme; Consultant supporting universities research fund applications


AMBROSE Kevin: Vice-President responsible for metal packaging at Crown Technology

BAKER Natasha: winner of Riding for the Disabled Association National Championships; Paralympian

CHURCHLEY John: former Severn Trent Water (STWA) Process Support and Development Manager; Senior Operational Scientist; member of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management & the International Water Association; worked with teh Insitute fro the Environment at Brunel

CRAIK Christine: former member of staff, former Director of Occupational Therapy; established the Centre for Professional Practice Research; Chair of the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Occupational Therapy

HOLLAND, Dr Ray: Associate Professor; former Director of the postgraduate Design Strategy courses, External Examiner for the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators; Pioneer of UK design Management education

LANGDON John: former member of staff;  Supervisory Chief Technician at the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory; Lieutenant with The Boys’ Brigade's 1st Hillingdon Company

LENTON, Margaret: former Principal of Slough Grammar School

O'CONNOR Cllr Mary: Chair of the Hillingdon External Services Scrutiny Committee; Chair of Hillingdon Mind

WILLIAMS Gareth: CEO of Interoute; Active in finding work placements for Brunel University students


BAGNALD, Carol: HSBC Regional Commercial Director, London

BEVIS, Marianne: Former member of staff; Head of Publications

BUFTON, Denise: Former member of staff; Head of Student Services

CURLEY Sue: Former member of staff; Head of Alumni Relations

GREYSER, Professor Stephen: Former member of staff; Visiting Professor of Corporate Communications at Brunel

HALL, John: Chair of the Education Group, Eversheds LLP

HALL, Peter: Brunel graduate; the Worshipful Company of Water Conservation

LOUGEE, Robert: Chartered Accountant,member of Brunel Council

THIRKETTLE, John: involved with a large number of voluntary / community activities and associations; encoraged Brunel's Sports Centre to set up a physical activity programme for the over 50s

WESTAWAY, Bob: former member of staff, Academic Registrar


ADIL-SMITH, Iran: Former member of staff; Head of Health and Safety

BURGESS, Colin: Former member of staff; Head of Media Service

DANIELS, Danny: Brunel graduate; teacher, athlete and coach

GARRARD, Brett: Brunel graduate; GB Olympic hockey player,Director of Hockey at Surbiton Hockey Club

MACDONALD, Ian: Brunel graduate; former member of staff, Brunel Institute of Organisation

PEARSON, Graham: Former member of staff, Head of Management Information Systems

PUDDIFOOT, Cllr Raymond: Leadr of Hillingdon Council

SARGENT, Charles: Former member of staff, Chaplain

STUBBS, Andy: Brunel graduate; Uxbridge Town Centre Management

WALSH, Kate: Brunel graduate; captain of Great Britain Women's Hockey Team; Olympic Gold medal winner


ASPLIN, Richard: Former member of staff; Corporate Web Editor

BARRETT, Andrew: Brunel graduate; Head of Business Marketing, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

CHISOLME, Lesley: Former member of staff; Assistant Faculty Officer in the Faculty of Science

CHU: Dr Sidney: Paediatric Occupational Therapy Services Manager for Ealing and Harrow Community Services

DAY: Dr Michael (posthumously): Former member of staff; established the Centre for Youth Work Studies

DEARSLEY, Julie: Former member of staff; Systems Officer in Corporate Information System

FERRY, Joe: Brunel graduate; Head of Design for Virgin Atlantic

MORLEY, Dr Mary: Occupational Therapist; long association with the Schools of Health Sciences and Social Care

OXLEE, Geoffrey: Expert in imagery analysis; associated with Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies

SEGAL, Dr Anthony: Doctor; researcher in improving ergonomics and structural safety of gliders

STORR, Michael: Physicist; Deputy Leader of the CERN Physics Department Education Group

TAYLOR, Geoff: Brunel graduate; Engineer

VARA, Shailesh: Brunel graduate; Member of Parliament

WATSON, Thomas: Former member of staff; lecturer in the Department of Education and Design



BENNETT, Alan: Former member of staff; Curator of the Beldam Gallery

CATER, Ann: Former member of staff; Personal Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor

CHAPPELL, Robert: Former member of staff; lecturer in Sports Sciences

CHISHOLME, Lady Kitty: Former member of staff; Director of Development

DUNCAN, Angela: Former member of staff; Administrator in the Law Department

HAMILTON, Clive: Teacher; Chair of Hillingdon Sports Council

PAUL, Diane: Police Officer; close links with Brunel's Centre for Research into Emotion Work

ROUTLEDGE, Cllr David: Former Mayor of Hillingdon

WILLIAMS, Stephen: Senior Chaplain for the Universities in the Diocese of London


BARRETT, Josephine Cllr: Councillor and former Mayor of Hillingdon

BORROWS, Peter: Director of CLEAPSS (Consortium of Local Education Authorities for the Provision of Social Services)

BRADBROOK, Peter: Former member of staff; Head of Facilities

GREGG, Carol: Former member of staff; Secretary and PA to three Secretary and Registrars and two Academic Registrars

HOWARTH, Roger:  School teacher; lecturer in Higher Education; OFSTED School Inspector and external examiner

MURPHY, Catherine: Brunel graduate; Olympic athlete

NEWBY, John:  Former member of staff; lecturer in the School of Mathematics

RHODES, Cllr Jill:  Fomer nurse; Governor or two Hillingdon schools; former Mayor of Hillingdon

VARLEY, David:  Graphic Designer


BARRETT, Dr Anthony: Former member of staff, lecturer in Computer Science, Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics

BOTTOMLY, Trevor: Former Brunel University London Ombudsman

CATON, Peter: Technology consultant for the Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology (BCAST)

COLQUHOUN, Sgt Ruth: Custody Sergeant training new officers using actors from the School of Art

HAYE, Linda: Deputy Lieutenant of the County; former fieldwork supervisor for Brunel’s Postgraduate Youth and Community Diploma Course

LOVEITT, Carole:  Former member of staff; Administrative Computing

PAYNE, David: Councillor; former lecturer; former Mayor of Hillingdon

PAYNE, Patricia Anne:  former teacher; former Mayoress of Hillingdon; bereavement visitor

SCOTT, Julia:  Brunel graduate; Chief Executive of the College of Occupational Therapists

UNDERHILL, Edwin:  Former member of staff; Industrial Training Officer; Head of Careers Service


ELLIOT, Marianne, Former member of staff; Accommodation Office

FISHER, Barbara, Community Reporter for the Uxbridge Gazette

GRAY, Lyn, Trustee of the Thomas Gerald Gray Charitable Trust; partnership with the faculty of Technology at Brunel

HARDMAN, Joe, Economic Development Manager at BAA Heathrow

KNIGHT, Edwin John (Ted):  Former member of staff; lecturer in Mechanical Engineering; founder of Opera at Brunel, the Brunel Theatre Arts and the Student Theatre Workshop

ROBERTS, Stephen:  Former member of staff; Anglican chaplain

Williams, Ellen:  Former member of staff; Departmental Administrator


ANGEL, David: Maggini Quartet

BANNERMAN, Sheila: Brunel graduate and former member of staff; Director of Services

HUNTER, John: Former member of staff; lecturer in Department of Sports Sciences

JACKSON, Laurence: Maggini Quartet

JACKSON, Paul: Branding and advertising specialist; part-time lecturer at Brunel

KAZNOWSKI, Michal: Maggini Quartet

OUTRAIN, Martin: Maggini Quartet

WILCOCK, Professor Anne: Occupational Therapist; visiting professor of Occupational Therapy at Brunel


BATTERS, Ann: Senior Sister in the Accident and Emergency at Hillingdon Hospital

BOGARD, Monty: Former member of staff; Senior Tutor in the School of Business and Management

COLCLOUGH, Tony: National Physical Laboratory (NPL); Professor Associate to the Brunel Centre for Manufacturing Metrology

DANN, Catherine: Former Mayor of Hillingdon

LEWIS, Vince: Former member of staff; Principal Lecturer in Department of Mechanical Engineering

MEE, Jeannie: Brunel graduate; Head of Allied Health Professions at the West London Mental Health Trust

OXLADE, David: Group Chief Executive (Xenova Discovery Ltd); collaboration with Brunel's Institute of Cancer Genetics and Pharacogenomics

RUSSELL, Peter: Former member of staff, lecturer in Mathematics and Director of Brunel's Science Park

TRANTER, Tom: Former member of staff; lecturer in Department of Sports Sciences


FOGG, Ruth: Head of the London Borough of Ealing Youth Service; associated with the Centre for Youth Work Studies at Brunel

HALE, Dr Kenneth: Former member of staff; Senior Research Fellow, Brunel Centre for Manufacturing Metrology

HOPE, Dr Derek: Former member of staff; lecturer in Chemistry, closely involved in the establishment of Brunel's Counselling Service and first Overseas Student Advisor

MCKAY, Barrie: Assistant Treasury Sollicitor and Group Leader at the Treasury Solicitor's Department; helped increase Department of Law student placements

NIMMO, Robert Dick: Former member of staff; lecturer in Electrical Engineering, Administrative Secretary and later Bursar

NORRIS, Dr Graham: Director of Corporate Environment and Safety Services at Nortel Networks UK Ltd; supported MSc Occupational Health and Safety Management course

RODRIGUES, Diana: Former member of staff; Registry Coordinator, West London Institute; Head of the Modular Scheme Office at Brunel


BAGGS, Keith: Director of Education and Training at Basildon and Thurrock General Hospitals NHS Trust; associated with the undergraduate Physiotherapy course at Brunel

BAGULEY, Margaret: Former member of staff; Personal Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor

BIDDLE, James: Former member of staff; Head of the Department of Physical Education

CHILDERHOUSE, Ken: Former member of staff; School of Business and Management

CLAYDON, Sheila: Former member of staff; Assistant Registrar

COLE, William: Senior manager in government and industry specialising in quality management in manufacturing

DOWN, Dr Bernard: Former member of staff; Department of Education

ELLIOT, Michael: Industrial scientist; served as a Local Government councillor; MEP; member of Brunel University Court

HERSH, Alan: Former member of staff, Director of the Language Centre

HOPGOOD, Professor Robert (Bob): Rutherford Laboratory; visiting professor to the Department of Infomration Systems and Computing

HORROCKS, Dr Roy: Brunel graduate; Ford Motor Company

MA, Dr Tom: Ford Motor Company;  close links with Brunel Department of Mechanical Engineering

MAIDLOW, Margaret: former member of staff; Assistant Principal Registrar, West London Institute

SCHLACHTER, Karol, former member of staff; Brunel Physics Department

THOMSON, Stewart: General Manager at North Essex Education Consortium; long association with the undergraduate Occupational Therapy teaching at Brunel


BUNN, Marjorie: Former member of staff; Departmental Administrator for the Department of Human Sciences

CANTRELL, Martin: Office of the Solicitor to the Department of Social Security and Health and part-time lecturer in employment law at Brunel University

CHAPMAN, Mike: Brunel graduate; Vice-Chairman and Non-Executive Director of Hillingdon Primary Care NFIS Trust

CHILDS, Nick: Former member of staff; University Librarian

CLIFTON, Major Trevor: Developed management training courses for Brunel students

COATES, Frank: Former member of staff; technician in the Chemistry department and University Mace Bearer

GIBBSON, Professor Bob: Divisional Chief Executive of McKechnie Plc and Honorary Professor Associate in the Department of Systems Engineering

GOODFELLOW, Rosalind: Member of the BFSS Council; Governor of WLIHE and member of Brunel Council

HALES, Richard: Brunel graduate and first President of the Students’ Union; Project Manager in the financial sector

HAWES, Christine:Training and Development Manager for Richmond Social Services; Deputy Chair of the Department of Social Work’s Diploma in Social Work programme

JOHN, Sue: Headteacher at Lampton School in Hounslow; worked closely with the Department of Education to develop initial teacher-training in the secondary sector

LANCASTER, Cllr Maurice: London Borough of Hillingdon Councillor

LANGLEY, Cllr Alf: London Borough of Hillingdon Councillor and former mayor

MURDOCK, Anne: Former member of staff; Head of the London School of Occupational Therapy

NODES, Dr Jim: Former member of staff; Acting Head of the Department of Biology and Biochemistry

REEDMAN, Professor David: Industrialist; Associate Professor in the Department of Systems Engineering

ROME, Tim: Headteacher, Lovelace Primary School in Chessington; worked closely with the Department of Education to develop initial teacher-training in the primary sector

TUCKER, Dr Sam: Consultant paediatrician and Director of the Hillingdon Hospital / Brunel University Postgraduate Centre

WILSON, Rev David: Chaplain, West London Institute of Higher Education, Brunel University