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Honorary Fellows

The University awards ‘Fellow of the University’ to:

  • Retired staff (of any designation or grade) of the University who have given exceptional service to, or made a significant contribution to the development of, the University, through the calibre and integrity of their work, and/or by demonstrating commitment of time, effort and loyalty to the institution.
  • Local people or others who have established a close working relationship with the University and have thereby made a significant contribution to its development.


ANDERSON FORD, David; Former Director of Research Ethics and Governance at Brunel

BELISARIO, Tony; Brunel graduate and former Council member

BLACK, Moira; CBE, former Council member

GABRIELSON, Stuart; Education Manager CEDPS and Doctor of Philosophy

MAW, Chris; Chair of West London Business

PARDEY, Chris; Brunel graduate and our alumni representative in Singapore

RICHARDS, Shelagh; Former member of the HR team

ROBINSON, John; Former Finance Director at Brunel, MPA, DPhil

STRACHAN, Tracy; Commercial Director at Brunel 


TURNOCK, Paul; Former Course Director, Product Design

Al-Karaghouli, Janet Anne; Former member of staff, IT procurement

BRADLEY, Martin; Industrial Supervisor for electrical engineering students

JARRETT, Martin; Established the University Technology Centre for Constellium at Brunel

BROUGH, David; Chairman of Hayes Town Partnership


FELL, Heather; Brunel graduate, Athlete

TEMPLE, Chris; Director of Insurance of Colfax Corporation

THORNEYCROFT-SMITH, Christopher; Brunel graduate, former CEO at IVECO

WHYTE, Greg; Brunel graduate, Professor of Applied Sport and Exercise Science, Liverpool John Moore’s University

WILKINSON, Jay; Former member of staff, Director of the Arts Centre


BONNEY, Norman; Former member of staff, Director of the Computer Centre

CLAY-JONES, Amanda; Head of Brand at Telefonica

HENSLEY, John; Engineer and Deputy Mayor/Councillor

VERMA, Ash; Chair for Harrow in Business


BRACKENRIDGE Celia, Former member of staff; Director of the Centre for Youth Sport and Athlete Welfare.

BRECKTON Peter, PE Head of department; received Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence; School Chair of Governor. Former member of staff; Subject Leader for Physical Education.

BRUXTON Martin, Emeritus Professor of Health Economics and founder of Brunel's Health Economics Research Group. 

DENT Adrian, Researcher in Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPSRC); Ran the Teaching Company Scheme; Consultant supporting universities research fund applications.


AMBROSE Kevin, Vice-President responsible for metal packaging at Crown Technology.

BAKER Natasha, winner of Riding for the Disabled Association National Championships; Successful Paralympian.

CHURCHLEY John, former Severn Trent Water (STWA) Process Support and Development Manager; Senior Operational Scientist; member of both the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management & the International Water Association;

CRAIK Christine, former Brunel University Director of Occupational Therapy; Established the Centre for Professional Practice Research; Lecturer; Chair of the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Occupational Therapy.

LANGDON John, Chief Technician at the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory; Lieutenant with theThe Boys’ Brigade's 1st Hillingdon Compan; 

LENTON, Margaret, former Principal of Slough Grammar School

O'CONNOR Mary, Chair of the Hillingdon External Services Scrutiny Committee; Chair of Hillingdon Mind

HOLLAND Dr Ray, Former Director of the Brunel University postgraduate Design Strategy courses; External Examiner for the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators; Associate Professor at Brunel; Pioneer of UK design management education.

WILLIAMS Gary, CEO of Interoute; Active in finding work placements for Brunel University students.


BAGNALD, Carol, HSBC Regional Commercial Director; London Bevis; Marianne; Former member of staff;

BEVIS, Marianne, Former member of staff; Head of Publications.

BUFTON, Denise, Former member of staff; Head of Student Services Curley, Sue, Head of Publications

CURLEY Sue, Former member of staff; Head of Alumni Relations.

GREYSER, Professor Stephen, Former member of staff; Head of Alumni Relations Visiting Professor of Corporate Communications at Brunel.

HALL, Peter, Brunel graduate; London Livery Company the Worshipful Company of Water Conservation.

HALL, John, Chair of the education group of Eversheds LLP.


ADIL-SMITH, Iran, Former member of staff; Head of Health and Safety.

BURGESS, Colin, Former member of staff; Head of Media Service.

DANIELS, Danny, Brunel graduate; teacher, athlete and coach Garrard, Brett, Brunel graduate; Director of Hockey at Surbiton Hockey Club.


ASPLIN, Richard, Former member of staff; Corporate Web Editor.

BARRETT, Andrew, Brunel graduate; Head of Business Marketing, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

CHISOLME, Lesley, Former member of staff; Assistant Faculty Officer in the Faculty of Science.

CHU, Dr Sidney, Paediatric Occupational Therapy Services Manager for Ealing and Harrow Community Services.

DAY, DR Michael (posthumously), Former member of staff; established the Centre for Youth Work Studies.

DEARSLEY, Julie, Former member of staff; Systems Officer in Corporate Information System.

FERRY, Joe, Brunel graduate; Head of Design for Virgin Atlantic.



BENNETT, Alan, Former member of staff; Curator of the Beldam Galler.

CATER, Ann, Former member of staff; Personal Assistant to the Vice-Chancello.

CHAPPEL, Robert, Former member of staff; lecturer in Sports Science.

CHISHOLME, Lady Kitty, Former member of staff; Director of Development.

DUNCAN, Angela, Former member of staff; Administrator in the Law Department.

HAMILTON, Clive,Teacher.


BARRETT, Josephine Cllr, Councillor and former Mayor of Hillingdo.

BORROWS, Peter, Director of CLEAPSS (Consortium of Local Education Authorities for the Provision of Social Service.

BRADBROOK, Peter, Former member of staff; Head of Facilitie.

GREGG, Carol, Former member of staff; Secretary and PA to three Secretary and Registrars and two Academic Registrars.


BOTTOMLY, Trevor, Former Brunel University London Ombudsman.

CATON, Peter, Technology consultant for the Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology (BCAST.

COLQUHOUN, Sgt Ruth, Custody Sergeant training new officers using actors from the School of Art.

HAYE, Linda, Deputy Lieutenant of the County; former fieldwork supervisor for Brunel’s Postgraduate Youth and Community Diploma Course.


BARRETT, Dr Anthony, Former member of staff; lecturer in Computer Science and Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics.

ELLIOT, Marianne, Former member of staff; Accommodation Office

FISHER, Barbara, Community Reporter for the Uxbridge Gazette

GRAY, Lyn, Trustee of the Thomas Gerald Gray Charitable Trust; partnership with the faculty of Technology at Brunel.

HARDMAN, Joe Economic Development Manager at BAA Heathrow.


ANGEL, David, Maggini Quarte.

BANERMAN, Sheila, Brunel graduate and former member of staff; Director of Services.


BATTERS, Ann, Senior Sister in the Accident and Emergency at Hillingdon Hospital 2003.

BOGARD, Monty, Former member of staff; Senior Tutor in the School of Business and Management.

COLDOUGH, Tony, National Physical Laboratory (NPL); Professor Associate to the Brunel Centre for Manufacturing Metrology.

DANN, Catherine, Former Mayor of Hillingdon.


FOGG, Ruth, Head of the London Borough of Ealing Youth Service; associated with the Centre for Youth Work Studies at Brunel.

HALE, Dr Kenneth, Former member of staff; Senior Research Fellow, Brunel Centre for Manufacturing Metrology.


BAGGS, Keith, Director of Education and Training at Basildon and Thurrock General Hospitals NHS Trust; associated with the undergraduate Physiotherapy course at Brunel.

BAGULEY, Margaret, Former member of staff; Personal Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor.

BIDDLE, James, Former member of staff; Head of the Department of Physical Education.

CHILDERHOUSE, Ken, Former member of staff; School of Business and Management.

CLAYDON, Sheila, Former member of staff; Assistant Registrar.

COLE, William, Senior manager in government and industry specialising in quality management in manufacturing.

DOWN, Dr Bernard, Former member of staff; Department of Education.

ELLIOT, Michael, Industrial scientist; served as a Local Government councillor.

HERSH, Alan, Former member of staff, Director of the Language Centre.


BUNN, Marjorie, Former member of staff; Departmental Administrator for the Department of Human Sciences.

CANTRELL, Martin, Office of the Solicitor to the Department of Social Security and Health and part-time lecturer in employment law at Brunel University.

CHAPMAN, Mike, Brunel graduate; Vice-Chairman and Non-Executive Director of Hillingdon Primary Care NFIS Trust.

CHILDS, Nick, Former member of staff; University Librarian.

CLIFTON, Major Trevor, Owner of a sailing school; developed training courses for Brunel students.

COATES, Frank, Former member of staff; technician in the Chemistry department and University Mace Bearer

GIBBSON, Professor Bob, Divisional Chief Executive of McKechnie Plc and Honorary Professor Associate in the Department of Systems Engineering.

GOODFELLOW, Rosalind, Member of the BFSS Council; Governor of WLIHE and member of Brunel Council.

HALES, Richard, Brunel graduate and first President of the Students’ Union; Project Manager in the financial sector.

HAWES, Christine, Training and Development Manager for Richmond Social Services; Deputy Chair of the Department of Social Work’s Diploma in Social Work programme.