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Honorary Graduates

The university awards Honorary Doctorates in recognition of outstanding scholarly achievement, usually recognised internationally; outstanding service to the national or international community; outstanding service to the University; or outstanding service to the local community.

Below all our honorary graduates are named, with the name and year of award, followed by a short description of their career.

ACKROYD Peter, DLitt 2006; English biographer, novelist and critic

ADERIN-POCOCK Dr Maggie, DSc 2017; Space scientist and broadcaster

AKALA, DHum 2022; Rapper, poet and author

ALLAWAY Percy, DTech 1973; Managing Director of EMI Electronics Ltd

AMOS Baroness Valerie, LLD 2019; Politician and diplomat

ANDERSON Jon Lee, DLitt 2011; Author and Journalist

ANELAY Rt Hon Lady Joyce, Baroness Anelay of St Johns, DSc 1997; Brunel graduate; Member of Parliament

ANIONWU Professor Dame Elizabeth Nneka, DSc 2019; Emeritus Professor of Nursing at the University of West London

ANSON Tony, DEng 2004; Engineer and founder of Anson Medical Ltd

ATTENBOROUGH Sir David, DSc 1995; Broadcaster and naturalist

AYLING Robert, LLD 1996; Chief Executive of British Airways

BABUSKA Professor Ivo, DSc 1996; Research Professor, University of Texas at Austin

BAKER Rt Hon Lord Baker of Dorking, DEd 2016; Member of the House of Lords

BALCHIN Robert, Rt Hon the Lord Lingfield DL, HonDEd 2016; Educationalist

BALKWILL Anthony William, MUniv 2010; Engineer

BANNISTER Sir Roger, DUniv 2008; Athlete

BARUCH Dr Bernard, MUniv 1998; Brunel’s consultant psychiatrist from 1973 to 1996

BATMANGHELIDJH Camila, DSocSci 2011; Founder and Executive Director of The Kids’ Company

BAWDEN Sir Frederick Charles, DTech 1967; Director of Rothamsted Experimental Station

BAYLIS Trevor, MUniv 1998: Humanitarian; design engineer

BECKETT Sir Terence, DTech 1991; Managing Director and Chief Executive Ford Motor Company

BELDAM Robert, DUniv 1995; Chairman and Managing Director of Beldam Lascar Seals Ltd and of Auto-Klean Filtration Ltd.

BELIK Professor Ludek - 1984; Pro-Rector of the Technological University of Plzen in the Czech Republic

BENN Rt Hon Anthony Wedgwood, LLD 1996; Member of Parliament

BENJAMIN Professor T Brooke, DSc 1991; Sedlesian Professor of Natural Philosophy and Fellow of The Queen's College, Oxford University

BENNETT Francis, DUniv 1987; Member of Brunel Council

BERKOFF Steven, DLitt 2010; Actor, playwright, author and director

BERTSCHINGER Claire, DSocSci 2008; Alumna, nurse, aid worker and human rights activist

BILIMORIA Karan Faridoon, DBus 2005; Founder and Chief Executive of Cobra Beer

BIRNEY Dr Ewan, DSc 2014; One of the founders of the Ensembl genome browser

BLAKE Sir Peter, DHum 2010; Artist

BLOCH Dr Alfred, DTech 1976; Electrical Engineer, Professor Emeritus, Munich Technical University

BLOOM Professor Sir Stephen, DSc 2018; Head of Division for Diabetes, Endocrinology at Imperial College London

BOFF Elsie, MUniv 1992; Former Mayor of Hillingdon

BOLL Heinrich, DTech 1973; Writer

BOLT Usain, DUniv 2022; Athlete

BONFIELD Sir Peter, DTech 1997; Chief Executive of BT Plc

BORYSIEWICZ Professor Sir Leszek, DSc 2017; Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge and Chair of Cancer Research UK

BOURN Sir John, LLD 1995; Comptroller and Auditor General

BOWDEN Roger, DTech 2006; Alumnus, engineer, founder and owner of Niftylift Ltd

BRAGG Lord Melvyn, Baron of Wigton, DSc 2000;  Broadcaster, author and parliamentarian

BRAGG Dr Stephen, DTech 1982; Vice-Chancellor, Brunel University 1971-1981

BRAND Jo, DSocSci 2006; Alumna, writer, comedian and actress

BRAWN Ross, DEng 2006; Ferrari Technical Director

BREWER Professor John, DSocSci 2012; Sociologist

BROOK Dr Maurice, DSc 1992; Biologist; former Director of Research (Consumer Products) Beecham Group Plc

BROOK Professor Richard, DEng 2001; Scientist; Chief Executive EPSRC

BROWN Rt Hon Dr Gordon, DUniv 1996; Member of Parliament

BROWN Lord Wilfred Banks Duncan, DTech 1966; Managing Director of the Glacier Metal Company; Brunel's first Pro-Chancellor

BUNKER Henry James, DTech 1969; Industrial mycologist

BURGESS Margaret Ann, DSocSci 2009; Alumna; nurse; founder of Promise Nepal

BURRELL Denis James, DTech 2000; Chairman and Managing Director of Martin-Baker Aircraft

BUTLER-SLOSS Dame Elizabeth, LLD 1992; Lord Justice of Appeal

BYATT Sir Ian, DUniv 1994; Director General of Water Services

CASSELS Sir John, DEd 1997; Director, National Commission on Education

CASTELL Sir William, DSocSci 2004; Chief Executive of Amersham plc

CHARTRES Rt Revd, Rt Hon Richard, DD 1999; Bishop of London

CHISHOLM Sir John, DEng 2006; Chairman of QinetiQ

CARE Patrick John, MTech 1974; Retired School Adviser, London Borough of Hillingdon, Secretary of the West of London School Technology Group

CHALLIS Dr Anthony, DTech 1982; Director of Polymer Engineering Directorate (PED) of the Science Research Council

CHANDLER Edward R, DUniv 1983; Academic Registrar, Brunel University 

CHAKRABARTI Shami, HonDLitt 2015; Director of Liberty

CHAPMAN Professor Sydney, DTech 1968; Professor of Geophysics and Adviser to the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska

CHRISTODOULOU Dr Anastasios, DUniv 1996; Secretary General of the Association of Commonwealth Universities

CHRISTOPHERSON Sir Derman, DTech 1979; Mathematician, Vice-Chancellor of Durham University

CLARKSON Jeremy, DUniv 2003; Broadcaster, journalist and writer

CLARKSON Professor John, DEng 2023: Director of the Cambridge Engineering Design Centre, and Co-Director of Cambridge Public Health

CLEMENTS Judi, DSocSci 1997; Alumna; Chief Executive of MIND

COCHRANE Professor Peter, DEng 2002; Electrical Engineer

COLLINS Dr Gillian, MUniv 1998; British and Foreign School Society; member of WLIHE Govenors

COLLATZ Professor Lothar, DUniv 1977; Professor of Mathematics at the Institut für Angewandte Mathematik, Universität Hamburg 

CORBETT Graham, DUniv 1995; Chief Financial Officer of Eurotunnel plc and Eurotunnel SA

COTERILL Rev Peter, DUniv 1996; Former Principal, London Bible College

COVA Carlos Perez de la, DUniv 1977; Venezuelan Ambassador to the UK

COX Lord Harold Roxbee, Baron Kings Norton, DTech 1966; Engineer, Chairman of Metal Box

COYNE Tony, DLaws 2022; Alumnus and Partner at Blake Morgan

CRACKNELL James, MUniv 2001; Alumnus; Athlete

CRAWFORD Lincoln, LLD 1999; Alumnus; barrister

CRAXTON Cllr Michael, MUniv 1996; Hillingdon Borough Council and Mayor of Hillingdon

CRIDLAND John, DBus 2015; former Director-General of the Confereration of British Industry (CBI)

CRITCHLOW Dr Hannah, DSc 2022; Alumna; Neuroscientist, Writer, and Broadcaster

CROISDALE-APPLEBY David, DSc 2011; Alumnus; public servant

CURTIS Alastair Stuart, DEng 2009; Alumnus; Head of Design, Nokia

DANKWORTH Sir John, DMus 2007; Performer, composer and conductor

DAVIES E R, DTech 1970; Former Director of Research at Kodak

DAVIES Greg, DHum 2022; Alumnus; Comedian, Actor, Presenter, and Writer

DAVISON Stan, MUniv 2001; Trade union leader and community advocate

DEPLY Professor David, DSc 2010; Chief Executive of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

DICKENSON Paul, MUniv 2005; Alumnus; athlete and sports commentator

DIAZANI Professor Mario, DUniv 1978; Director of the Institute of General Pathology, University of Turin and Dean of the University's Faculty of Medicine

DIRKEN Professor dr J M, DUniv 1989; Rector Magnificus of the Delft University of Technology

DOCHERTY Dr David; DBus 2016; Chief Executive of the National Centre for Universities and Business

DONALD Professor Dame Athene; DSc 2018;  Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge and Master of Churchill College, Cambridge

DOUGLAS Professor Mary, DSocSci 2001; Anthropologist

DOWNS Dr Mark, DSc 2022; Chief Executive at Royal Society of Biology

DUCKWORTH Dr Eric, DTech 1976; Head of the Fulmer Research Institute

DUNSTONE Charles, DBus 2007; Co-founder and chairman of mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse

DUNWORTH Felicity, DHum 2022; Director of the Aimhigher Kent and Medway Partnership at Canterbury Christ Church University

DYSON James, DTech 1999; Inventor, industrial designer and founder of the Dyson Company

EARNSHAW Eric, DTech 1969; Aeronautical engineer; Vice-Chairman of Joseph Lucas and of Rotax

EASTHAM John, DTech 1999; Chief of Product Technology at British Aerospace (Operations)

EASTON Dr Carole, DSocSci 2018; Alumna and Chief Executive of Young Women's Trust

EDGE Professor Gordon, DTech 1990; Associate Professor in the Department of Manufacturing and Engineering Systems, founder and Chief Executive of Scientific Generics

EGAN Sir John, DTech 1997; Group Chief Executive British Airports Authority

ELLWOOD Jeffrey, DBus 2009; Chair of Council

ENGEL Professor Charles, DSc 1998; Scholar and educationalist

ETHERINGTON Stuart, DSc 2000; Alumnus and Chief Executive National Council for Voluntary Organisations

EVANS Robert, DUniv 1998; Member of the European Parliament

FALLOW John Ronald Thomlinson, MUniv 1993; Operations Manager, British Gas

FIGES Dr Eva, DLitt 2002; Arts Council Creative Writing Fellow at Brunel University London

FILKIN Elizabeth, DSocSci 2002; Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards; Chair of the Board of Stanelco plc

FLEMIN John Stanton, DSocSci 2003; Chief Advisor to the Governor of the Bank of England and member of Council

FORBES Muriel, DTech 1966; Member of Middlesex County Council; Governor of Brunel College; member of Council

FORREST Dr John, Dtech 1995; Deputy Chairman, National Transcommunications Ltd

FRANK Dr Andrew, DSc 2003; Medical Doctor; Honorary Professor Associate of the University's Department of Health and Social Care

FRANKENBURG Professor Ronald, DSocSci 1999; Professor Associate of Anthropology at Brunel 

FRAYN Michael, DLitt 2002; Journalist, playwright and novelist

FRITH Dame Uta, DSc 2022; Developmental psychologist

FRYE Dr Michael, DUniv 2001; Chairman of Nyne plc; member of the Further Education Funding Council; Chairman and Founder of West London Leadership

GALLAGHER Edward, DSc 1999; Chief Executive of the Environment Agency

GALLOWAY Rev Professor Peter, DLitt 2009; Chaplain of The Queen's Chapel of the Savoy and Chaplain of the Royal Victorian Order

GARDINER John, DUniv 1985; Director of ICL plc and Courtaulds plc; Chair of Council of Brunel University

GEARTY Professor Conor, LLD 2012; Professor of Human Rights Law in LSE’s Law Department

GENT Christopher, DSc 2000; Chief Executive of Vodafone AirTouch

GEORGE Brian, DTech 1994; Alumnus; Executive Director of Planning and Construction, Nuclear Electric

GIFFARD Lord John, Earl of Halsbury, DTech 1966; Chancellor of Brunel University

GILL David, MUniv 2002; Head of Innovation and Technology Unit for HSBC

GLOVER Dr Jane, LLB 1996; Conductor

GOODWIN Dr Leonard George, DSc 1986; Director of the Nuffield Insititute of Comparative Medicine; Director of Science to the Zoological Society; Director of the Wellcome Museum of Medical Science

GRANT L A, BTech 1972; Deputy Buildings and Estates Officer, Brunel University

GREAVES Walter, DBus 2005; Engineer; Chair of the Enterprise Initiative and the Employers Advisory Board; Chair of Council of Brunel University

GREGORY, Professor Kenneth, DSc 2019: Geographer and former Council member

GREGSON Lord John, Baron Gregson of Stockport, DTech 1989; Chairman of the Brunel University Faculty of Technology Visiting Committee; Chair of Fairey Nuclear Ltd

GRICHNIK Tony, DSc 2022; Founder of Blue Roof Labs

GROVE Elizabeth, DUniv 2002; Occupational Therapist; former first Health Officer at the Department of Health and Social Security

GUEST John, MUniv 1996; Managing Director and founder of John Guest Limited; corporate member of the Brunel Business Partnership 1990-1994

GYLLENHAMMAR Dr Pehr, DTech 1987; Chairman of Volvo

HALL Dame Wendy, DEng 2022; Computer Scientist and Regius Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton

HALSBURY Lord, DTech 1966; Managing Director of the National Research Development Corporation; Member of the House of Lords; Chairman of the committee on decimal currency; Chancellor of Brunel University 

HANCOCK Lewis Harry, MTech 1972; Senior Lecturer in Production Technology

HANSPAL Professor Rajiv, DSc 2012; Medical Director at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, Putney; Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine

HARRIS Professor R J C, DTech 1973; Director of the Microbiological Research Establishment, Ministry of Defence; Active member of the Advisory Panel for Chemistry

HARRISON Audley, MUniv 2003; Olympic and Professional Boxer

HASLAM Sir Robert, DTech 1987Deputy Chairman and Chairman-Designate of the National Coal Board; Chairman of British Coal; Chairman of British Steel Corporation & Tate and Lyle Plc

HART-DAVIS Dr Adam, DUniv 2007; Photographer, writer and presenter

HAWAJ Professor Abdulla Al, DSc 2019; Founding President of Ahlia University in Bahrain

HAYMAN Rt Hon 2012; Baroness, Lord Speaker of the House of Lords; Privy Counsellor; Co-president of the UK branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

HEIGHT Professor Frank Sydney, DUniv 1993; Professor Emeritus in Industrial Design; Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering & the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Chartered Society of Designers & the Royal Society of Arts. External Assessor for Brunel University

HENDERSON Sir Denys, DUniv 1987; Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries

HERINGTON Dr E F G, DTech 1977; Distinguished Physical Chemist; Editor for the Physical Chemistry Division of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

HERRMAN Dr Norbert, DUniv 2002; International Exchange Co-ordinator; Researcher & Mathematician

HEY Prof Tony, DEng 2022; Vice-President of Microsoft Research Connections

HICKOX Richard, DMus 2003; Conductor; founder of the City of London Sinforia

HILL Richard, MUniv 2002; Alumnus; athlete

HILL Prof Dame Sue, DSc 2022; Chief Scientific Officer for England

HILLSON Rowan Mary, DSc 2011; National Clinical Director for Diabetes; Consultant Physician in diabetes & endocrinology at Hillingdon Hospital

HODGE Patricia, DLitt 2001; Alumna; Actor

HODKINSON Steven Robert, DUniv 2008; Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Development & External Relations at Brunel

HOFFMAN Michael, DEng 1998, Thames Water Group Chief Executive

HOGG Lord Quintin McGarel, Baron Hailsham of St Marylebone - 1995; University Visitor

HOLENDA Dr Jiri, DSc 1998; Mathematician; Rector of the University of West Bohemia at Pilsen

HOLLAND-KAYE John, DBus 2017; Chief Executive Officer, Heathrow Airport

HOLLIDAY Leslie, DTech 1972;  Associate Professor Polymer Science; Director of Vinyl Recoveries Ltd; Co-founder & director of Holliday-Crawley Ltd; Former Chairman of the Materials Science Club

HOLMES Dame Kelly, DUniv 2009; Athlete

HOOKER Dr S G, DTech 1968; Technical Director (Aero) of Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd

HUGHES Rev Selwyn, DD 2005; Founded Crusade for World Revival (CWR); Christian author

HUMPHREY Professor J H, DUniv 1979; considered a founding father of modern immununology; external examiner; Vice-President and subsequently President of the International Union of Immunological Societies

HUNT Dr John, MUNiv 1995; Medical Officer

HUNTER Professor Jackie CBE; DSc 2016; Chief Executive Officer of Stratified Medical

HURN Sir Roger, DUniv 1999; Chairman of GEC; Deputy Chairman of Glaxo Wellcome plc; Non-executive Director of ICI; Chairman of the Court of Governors of Henley Management College; Chief Executive & Chairman of Smiths Industries

HURD Rt Hon Lord of Westwell, LLD 2009; Member of Parliament; Member of the House of Lords

HUSEN Professor Torsten, DTech 1974; Social scientist; Chair of the International Institute for Educational Planning; Chair of the International Educational Achievements Study

HUXLEY Sir Andrew F, DSc 1988; Fellow & President of the Royal Society; Shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine

INGLOTT Professor Father Peter Serracino 1993; Rector of the University of Malta and Chair of the Malta Council for Science and Technology

IRVING Professor Harry, DTech 1970; Professor of Inorganic and Structural Chemistry and Head of Department at Leeds University

IVES Andrew, DEng 2006; Alumnus; engineer with Lucas Group Research Centre 

JARRATT Alexander, DUniv 1979; Director of Reed International Limited and also Managing Director of International Publishing Corporation (IPC).

JENKS Barbara, DUniv 2013; Therapeutic counsellor

JACOBI Sir Derek, DLitt 2007; Actor

JACKSON Steve, DHum 2010; Games entrepreneur

JEFFERIES David, DTech 1992; Chairman of National Grid Company Plc

JOHN Dr Robert, DEng 2012; Chief Executive for TWI; Runs his own consulting company, Kernow Technology Engineering

JOHNSON Boris, LLD 2007; Member of Parliament

JONES Dr Francis, DTech1969; Managing Director, Mullards

JONES Sir Philip, DTech 1998; Director of Total Oil GB; Chair of HEFC Wales

KANE Professor John, DUniv 1996; Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Brunel University; former Principal of the West London Institute of Higher Education

KEENE Sir David, LLD 2001; Barrister; Lord Justice of Appeal; Brunel Visitor

KEETON Professor George, DUniv 1977; Associate Professor; instrumental in setting up of law teaching at Brunel

KELLY Jane LLD 2018; Pro-Chancellor of Brunel and former Chair of Council

KEMPNER Professor Thomas, DUniv 1990; Principal of Henley Management College

KENDRICK Graham, DD 2000; Singer and songwriter.

KNIGHT Judith, DHum 2012; Co-Director and founder of Artsadmin

KILBURN Professor Tom, DUniv 1977; Developed the world’s first stored program computer

KING Julia Baroness Brown of Cambridge DEng 2017; British engineer, crossbench member of the House of Lords and Chair of the Carbon Trust

KINGMAN Sir John, DSc 2004; Director of the Isaac Newton Institute at Cambridge, and N M Rothschild and Sons Professor of Mathematical Science

KINGSMILL Denise, LLD 2001; Deputy Chair of the Competition Commission

KINNOCK Glenys, LLD 1996; Member of the European Parliament

KLAUS His Excellency Václav, DSocSci 2004; President of the Czech Republic

KLERK Frederik Willem de - 1996; South African politician; former South African President

KOGAN Professor Maurice, DUniv 1991; Founding professor of government and social administration at Brunel University

KOSHY Professor Valsa, DEd 2019: Founder of the Urban Scholars Programme at Brunel

KUBASCHEWSKI Dr Oswald, DTech 1971; Deputy Chief Scientific Officer at the National Physical Laboratory

LAMB Professor Sarah; DSc 2016; Kadoorie Professor of Rehabilitation and Director of the Centre for Statistics in Medicine and the Oxford Clinical Trials at the University of Oxford

LAMPL Sir Peter, DUniv 2004; Chairman & founder of the Sutton Trust

LANGRIDGE Arthur, DTech 1972; General Manager at Westinghouse Brake English Electric Semiconductors Ltd; Member of the Department of Physics Advisory Committee

LAINE Dame Cleo, DMus 2007; Musician; Actor

LAY Dr Kenneth, DScoSci 1999; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Enron

LAYARD Professor Richard, DSocSci 1998; Professor of Economics; Consultant to the Treasury & special adviser to the House of Commons Select Committee on Employment

LEATHAM Dorian Clement Ashton, DSocSci 2000; Chief Executive of the London Borough of Hillingdon

LEGG Sir Thomas, LLD 2006; Lord Chancellor's Permanent Secretary & Clerk of the Crown in Chancery; University Visitor

LEVER Rt Hon Harold, DTech 1975; Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Government fincancial adviser

LEWINTON Sir Chriostopher, DTech 1997; Chief Executive & Deputy Chairman of TI Group plc; Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

LEWIS Prefessor Frederic, DTech 1975; Executive Director of the American Judicature Society; Dean and Professor of Law

LIDDINGTON Baron Joel Joffe of, DUniv 2004; Human Rights lawyer, founding Trustee of Action on Disability and Development; Trustee of International Alert

LYNCH Professor Patrick, DUniv 1976; Associate Professor of Political Economy; Chair of Aer Lingus; Former Private Secretary to the Irish Prime Minister; External examiner

MACK Lee, DHum 2012; Alumnus, stand-up comedian and actor

MANN Patricia, DUniv 1996; Non-executive director of British Gas plc and Vice President International and Board Director of J Walter Thompson Co Ltd

MANSER Albert, DTech 1969; Chief Mechanical Engineer (Railways) at the Chiswick Works of London Transport

MAXTON Julie Katherine, LLD 2022; Executive Director of the Royal Society

MAXWELL Dr Robert, DUniv 1993; Secretary and Chief Executive of the King Edward's Hospital Fund for London

MAY Sir Robert, DSc 1999; Chief Scientific Advisor and Head of Office of Science and Technology

MAYGLOTHING Rosie, DSc 2014; Alumna and athlete

MAYOR Professor Federico, DSc 1989; Director-General of UNESCO

MCGRATH John, DSc 2002; Alumnus, and former Chief Executive of Diageo

MCKERNAN Dr Ruth, DSc 2022; Neuroscientist

MENTER Sir James Woodham, DTech 1974; Director of Research and Development at Tube Investments Ltd

MERKURIEV Professor Stamislav, DSc 1992; Physicist and Rector of St Petersbury University

METAIS Dr Joanna Le, DEd 2000; Alumna, directed the international office at the National Foundation for Educational Research

MIDDLETON Professor Karen, DSc 2017; Chief Executive, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 

MIRRLEES Professor James, DSocSci 1997; Professor of Economics

MOORCROFT David, MUniv 2004; Athlete; Chief executive of the sport's national governing body

MOORE Professor Gillian, DMus 2006; Artistic Director of the London Sinfonietta

MORRIS Oswald, DHum 1997; Director of film photography

MORTON Sir Alastair, DUniv 1992; Chairman of Eurotunnel plc and Group Chief Executive of the bi-national Eurotunnel Group

MORTIMER John, DUniv 1990; Barrister, playwright and author

MOSER Sir Claus, DTech 1981; Professor of Social Statistics at the London School of Economics

MOTION Professor Andrew, DLitt 2000; Poet Laureate

MUIR Dr Helen, DSc 1990; Director of the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology; Head of Biochemistry

MURPHY John, DSocSci 2001; Alumnus, established 'Interbrand'- a brand name creation company; started St Peter's Brewery Group plc

MURRAY Jenni,DLitt 2009; Journalist and broadcaster

NEAVE David, LLD 1999; Secretary-General and Registrar at Brunel University

NERO Franco, DLitt 2011; Actor

NICOLI Eric, DEng 2003; Chairman of the EMI Group

NIXON Sir Edwin, DTech 1986; Chairman and Chief Executive and Managing Director of IBM (UK)

NYMAN Michael, DMus 2010; Composer

OK Professor Chun Chae, DD 2003; Theologian; Professor Emeritus, Ewha Womans University Seoul

OKRI Ben DLitt 2022; Novelist and poet

ORCHARD Professor Stephen, DHum 2000; Chairman of the British and Foreign School Society

PAGET Sir John, DTech 1976; Director and General Manager of D Napier and Son; Former Director of Glacier Metal Group; Chair of the Governing Body of Brunel College

PANJABI Archie, DLitt 2011; Alumna and Emmy award-winning Actor

PAPODOPOLOUS Dr George, DUniv 1991; Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development

PARISH Professor Richard, DSc 2014; Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Health

PARTRIDGE Edna, DUniv 2007; Wing Commander & Deputy Lieutenant in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force

PASCOE Alan, DUniv 1997; Athlete; Sporting entrepreneur

PEACOCK Professor Sir Alan, DUniv 1989; Economic Advisor to the Department of Trade and Industry; Professor of Public Finance

PEARCE Kenneth, MUniv 1997; Historian

PERKINS Professor John, DEng 2018, FREng: Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

PIPPARD Professor Alfred John Sutton, DTech 1968; Professor of Civil Engineering and Head of Department at Imperial College

PLATT Denise, DSocSci 1998; Director of Social Services for the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham; Chief Inspector of the Social Services Inspectorate and Joint Head of the Social Care Group at the Department of Health

PORTER Professor Sir George, DSc 1988; Director and Fullerian Professor of Chemistry; Awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

POTTER Dr David, DSc 1998; Member of the London Regional Council of the CB1; Vice Chairman of LondonLink; Member of the HEFCE

PUTTNAM Lord David, of Queensgate, DHum 2004; Film Producer; Chair & Chief Executive of Columbia Pictures; Founding Chair of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts; President of UNICEF UK 

QUIRK Sir Randoph, DUniv 1988; Vice-Chancellor, University of London

RANDALL Paulette MBE; DHum 2015; TV and Theatre Director

RATKE Lorenz, DSc 2023; Retired Head of Department of Aerogels at the Institute of Materials Research, German Aerospace Centre, DLR

REDGRAVE Vanessa, DLitt 2011; Actor

REDMOND Sir James, DTech 1991; Director of Engineering at BBC Television

REEDER Prof John, DSc 2022; Director of Research at the World Health Organisation

REEDIE Sir Craig, LLD 2009; Chairman of the British Olympic Association

RICHARDSON Dame Mary, DEd 2005; Chief Executive of the HSBC Education Trust

RICHARDSON-WALSH Kate, DUniv 2017; Alumna; athlete 

RIDEAL Sir Eric Keightley, DTech 1967; Professor of Physical Chemistry at Kings College, London

RIGBY Brian, MUniv 2004; Chairman of the Trustees of the Anglo-German Foundation

RILEY David, DBus 2013; Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Brunel University; founded Mandeville Recruitment Group

RIMMER Dr Diana, DSc 2010; Consultant Microbiologist at the Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust; Member of Council

ROBERTS Professor Alan, DTech 2007; Consultant Clinical Scientist in the Centre for Clinical Prosthetics at St Luke's Hospital and Director of Research and Development at Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust

ROBERTS Dr Bernard, DUniv 1989; Pianist

ROBERTSON Geoffrey Ronald QC, LLD 2010; Founder and head of Doughty Street Chambers

ROBERTSON Grace, DEd 2007; Alumna, photojournalist

ROBINSON Professor Joan, DTech 1972; Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge

ROBSON Edward, DSc 1999; Director of the Teaching Company Diectorate

ROBSON Thomas, DSocSci 2000; Chief Executive Officer and Director of HSBC Bank Malta Group

ROCKLEY J C, MTech 1972; Senior professional in the Harefield establishment of the Aeronautical Quality Assurance Department; Lecturer in Physics Department at Brunel University London

ROTHWELL Professor Dame Nancy DBE; DSc 2015; President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manchester

RYLANCE Mark, DLitt - 2009; Actor, playwright and theatre director 

SAID Emeritus Professor Dato' Dr Hassan, DEng 2018; Alumnus and Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Teknologi MARA

SAINSBURY Lord David, Baron Sainsbury of Turville, DEd 2009; Chairman of JD Sainsbury

SCARDINO Marlorie, LLD 1999; Chief Executive of Pearson plc

SCARMAN Lord Leslie George, Baron Scarman, DUniv 1987; Lord of Appeal; Chairman of the Law Commission

SCHWARTZEL Professor Heinz, DTech 1990; Head and Executive Director of Corporate Research and Technology Laboratories of Siemens AG

SEDGWICK Dr John, MUniv 2003; University's Medical Officer

SHARMAN Dr Helen, DSc 2010; Chemist; astronaut

SHEASBY John Michael, DUniv 2008; Financial Management - Set up and implemented a worldwide governance, risk management and internal audit process for Glaxo Wellcome.

SHERSBY  Michael, DUniv 1994; Member of Parliament; MP for Uxbridge

SHORT Dr Mike, DEng 2013; Served on Brunel's Industrial Advisory Panel; Telefónica Europe’s Vice-President of Public Affairs

SILLEM Dr Hayaatun, DEng 2022; Chief Executive Officer of Royal Academy of Engineering

SIMS Dr R, DUniv 1989; Director General, Research and Development at the National Coal Board; Chief Executive Finance at BOC Ltd; and Group Engineering Director of the Delta Group Ltd

SINCLAIR Iain, DLitt 2007; Writer and film-maker

SISSAY Lemn, DLitt 2019; Poet, playwright and broadcaster

SKELLON Dr Joe, DTech 1968; Head of Department of Chemistry, Brunel College

SKINGLE Prof Malcolm, DSc 2022; Director of Academic Liaison, GSK

SHEPPARD Sir Allen, DUniv 1994; Chairman of Grand Metropolitan plc

SHEPPARD Richard, DTech 1972; Architect

SHRIGLEY John, DUniv 2003; Personnel Director at General Electric Company

SHIRLEY Dame Stephanie, DSc 2005; Businessperson; advocate of Autism awareness and founder of The Shirley Foundation

SHIRLEY-QUIRK John, DUniv 1981; Bass-baritone

SOMARA Dr Shini, DEng 2023; Alumna, Author and broadcaster in engineering and STEM

SOMEREN Ellinor van, DTech 1974; Contribution researcher in the field of medical entomology

SOTHERTON Kelly, MUniv 2009; Athlete

SPOTTISWOODE Clare, DUniv 1997; Director General of Gas Supply

STEEL Rt Hon Lord David, Baron Steel of Aikwood, LLD 2010; Member of Parliament

STERLING Michael, DUniv 2008; Vice-Chancellor, Brunel University (1990-2001)

STERLING Wendy, DUniv 2002; Treasurer and then Vice-President, Economics and Business Education Association

STEWART Professor Iain, DEng 2022; Geoscientist

STIER Professor Anton, DSc 1991; Biomedical researcher

STOPPARD Tom, DUniv 1979; Playwright

STOTT Rev Dr John, DD 1997; Chaplain to Elizabeth II (1959-1991).

STRAW Jack, LLD 2007; Member of Parliament

STUART Osmond W, DHum 2022; Independent equality and diversity consultant

STUCHBERY Arthur, DTech 1970; Chief Production Engineer at the Metal Box Company; Chairman of Council

SUGAR Sir Alan, DSc 2005; Entrepreneur and Business person

SUMPTER Professor John, DSc 2018; Environmental scientist

SUTHERLAND Professor Emeritus Ian A, DSc 2017; Former Director of Brunel's Advanced Bioprocessing Centre

SUTHERLAND Rory, DLitt 2012; Author of the Spectator’s fortnightly Wiki-Man column on technology and the web; Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy UK

SUZMAN Dame Helen, DUniv 1991; South African anti-apartheid activist and politician

SYKES Sir Richard, DSc 1994; Chief Executive of the Glaxo group

SZENT-GYORGYI Professor Albert, DSc 1984; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 

TAYLOR Sir Cyril, DEd 2005; Founded the American Institute for Foreign Study; Founded Richmond, The American International University in London;

TAYLOR Dr John, DEng 2000; Director General of Research Councils

TEMPLEMAN Geoffrey, DTech 1974; Vice-Chancellor, University of Kent

THATCHER Rt Hon Lady Margaret, Baroness Thatcher, 1996; House of Lords, former Prime Minister 

THOMAS Air Commodore Paul R, DSc 2022; Chief Operating Officer at Brunel University London

THOMAS Kevin, DBus 2015; Board Director of Babcock International Group PLC

THORNTON Janet, DTech 2008; Director of the European Bioinformatics Institute on the Wellcome Trust

THURSTON Ernest Norman, MTech 1982; Group Training Manager for the Dowty Group of Companies

TITMUSS Professor Richard, DTech 1971; Professor of Social Administration at the London School of Economics; architect of the Welfare State

TOPPING Dr James, DTech 1967; Vice-Chancellor, Brunel University (1966-1971)

TRIER Peter, DTech 1975; Director of Philips Electronic and Associated Industries Ltd; Chair of Council

TRY Hugh, DUniv 1993

TROTTER Dame Janet, DEd 2004; Alumna, Director of the Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education, Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Gloucestershire

TUFFENTSAMMER Professor Karl, DTech 1976; Professor and Head of the Institute of Machine Tools in the University of Stuttgart

URRY Professor Syd, DUniv 1994; Head of Building Technology, Brunel University

VAJDA Dr Steven, DTech 1970; Researcher in mathematical techniques of operational research

VAN KAMPEN Claire, DMus 2019; Director, composer and playwright

VAN SOMERAN Ellinor C C,1974; Medical researcher; Writer

VOSTRACKY Professor Zdenek, DEng 2001; Rector of the University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic

WADDILOVE Lewis, DUniv 1978; Director of the Rowntree Memorial Trust Fund

WAKEHAM Lord John, Baron Wakeham of Maldon, DUniv 1998; Chancellor of the University

WALLACE Professor Kenneth, DEng 2011; Co-Director of the BAE SYSTEMS/Rolls-Royce University Technology Partnership (UTP) for Design

WALLIS Edmund, DTech 1996; Chief Executive of Powergen; Member of the Court of Governors of Henley Management College

WANG Professor Tie-Jun, DSc 2017; Professor of Applied mechanics and Vice-President for Research at Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) in China

WATTS John, DUniv 1993; Former MP for Slough

WEBB Thomas, DUniv 2012; MD of the London Tourist Board and Convention Bureau

WEDDERBURN Professor Dorothy, DUniv 1990; Principal of Royal Holloway and Bedford Now College; Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of London

WEEDON Professor Basil, DTech 1975; Professor of Organic Chemistry at Queen Mary College, University of London

WHITE Mark, DEng 2011; Chief Technical Specialist for Jaguar Land Rover

WICKS Rt Hon Malcolm, DSocSci 2009; Member of Parliament

WIESNER Dr Christoph, DEng 2014; Chief Executive TWI

WILD Ann, MUniv 2005; Alumna, Para-Olympic Athlete

WILD Professor Ray, DUniv 2001; Principal of the Henley Management College; Seconded from Henley to be First Head of the Department of Management and Engineering Systems at Brunel

WILKINSON Dr James Hardy, DTech 1971; World authority on numerical aspects of linear algebra and computing; Part-time lecturer at Brunel University

WILLIAMS Dr Peter, DSc 1997; Physicist; Chairman of Oxford Instruments

WILLIAMS Dr Robert, DSc 1982; Senior Consultant Otologist; Professor Associate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Brunel University

WINSTANLEY Brian, DUniv 1980; Secretary General at Brunel University

WOLFF Professor Heinz, DSc 2003; Founder and Director of the Institute for Bioengineering; Emeritus Professor of Bioengineering at Brunel University

WOLSTENHOLME Sir Gordon, DTech 1981; Director of the Ciba Foundation

WOODBRIDGE Anthony Rivers, DUniv 2000; Solicitor

WORBOYS Sir Walter, DTech 1967; Chairman of the Royal Society of Arts: Chairman of the Brunel's first Academic Advisory Committee, 1963; 

WRIGHT J W 1982; Physicist (Physics of the Atmosphere)

WHYTE Greg; Alumnus, Professor of Applied Sport and Exercise Science, Liverpool John Moore’s University

YACOUB Dr Magdi, DSc 1985; Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon

YOUNGER James, DSocSci 2009; Chair of Electoral Commission; Chair of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

ZAHLER Dr George, DTech 2001; Council Member of the Scientific Instrument Manufacturers Association; Member of the Advisory Council for Calibration and Measurement under the auspices of the Department of Trade and Industry

ZIENKIEWICZ Professor Olgierd, DSc 1993; Originator of the finite element technique