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Make a gift to Brunel


Students are now faced with higher fees and living costs than ever before. We aim to secure as many scholarships as possible to help alleviate the financial pressures preventing them from starting or finishing their degree. Alumni choose to donate on a regular basis to support these scholarships helping hundreds of students go to university each year.

Supporting a Brunel student, either at an undergraduate or postgraduate level, can have a life changing impact. Your sponsorship, whether through donations or opportunities provided, ensures that students across the University have access to our world class educational opportunities.

“My scholarship has enabled me to buy study equipment (such as work boots) and enabled me to spend more time on my studies. I owe a giant thank you for the donations that have made my experience so wonderful”. Civil Engineering student, Kirsty Greener

Some scholarships are created through donations from individuals to our Scholarship Fund, others come from organisations. For example, Tata Global Beverages provides eight scholarships for students from our Urban Scholars Programme. They specifically support this area as it helps raise the aspirations of young people that have faced significant and challenging circumstances in their lives. Whatever you are able to contribute, your donation will help Brunel students fulfil their potential. 

Make a donation 

The Brunel Scholarship Fund

What your money can support – the Brunel Scholarship Fund

If you decide you would like to contribute towards the Brunel Scholarship Fund you can chose to either direct your money towards a specific part of the university or donate to the general fund. Areas covered by the Brunel Scholarship Fund include:

Academic Scholarships - At both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, targeting excellence and financial need.
Sports Scholarships – One of the most well established schemes of its kind in the UK,it has helped Olympians such as Kate Walsh (hockey), Perri Shakes-Drayton (athletics), and Heather Fell (modern pentathlon) to balance their sport and study commitments whilst at Brunel University London.
Music Awards - Granted in recognition of the importance of extra curricular as well as academic study. Successful students may have all or part of the cost of their music tuition covered while studying at Brunel. The Arts Centre administers the awards through an annual audition.
Urban Scholarships - are specifically for students who have completed the Urban Scholars Programme whilst at school.

What do you care about?
We would love to hear from you if you are interested in establishing an undergraduate scholarship or PhD studentship from either your personal or organisations' point of view. Please email to discuss further.

Prizes and awards

Through donated prizes we recognise and reward exceptional personal and academic performance. Many prizes support individuals who demonstrate great achievements despite challenging circumstances, while others reward excellence in research and attainment. For example, each year we award a £100 prize to the student demonstrating the most outstanding research into Ovarian Cancer. Could you help us celebrate a culture of exceptional achievement by providing a prize? If so, we would be delighted to hear from you.


Ways of giving 

Regular donations

Regular gifts form the foundation of our fundraising activities. This method of giving provides a reliable stream of income. For example, a commitment of only £10 per monthly via Direct Debit with Gift Aid over five years means your generous donations are actually worth £750. So it’s clear to see that relatively small donations can go a long way and make a huge difference.

The amount you chose to donate, how regularly you decide to give, for how long you want to commit, and your choice of payment method means regular giving to Brunel could not be easier. You can set up regular giving to Brunel now by using our fast, simple and secure online Give Now payment system. 

Leave a gift in your will

Contributions to modern living made by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, can be seen all around. Many years after his death we continue to benefit in our everyday lives from the inheritance of Brunel’s footprint on our society. Continuing not only to provide vital infrastructure and fundamental frameworks for today’s way of life but also inspiring solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.
Walking in the footsteps of our namesake, Brunel University London strives to emulate such impact by delivering cutting edge research, producing dynamic graduates, searching out innovative, real and practical solutions to address many of the challenges we face in our modern world. Brunel University has an enviable reputation nationally and internationally for academic excellence in teaching and research, reflecting the great engineer himself.

As supporters and alumni of Brunel and our founder colleges, you too, through your careers and vocations enjoy your own personal impact. Brunel Alumni and friends have long applied their experience and expertise making their mark throughout local, national and international communities, commerce and governments.

We are immensely proud of all that Brunel and you, our alumni, have achieved. We are committed to securing the future with even greater success and attainment. To help us realise our vision we need your support. Would you consider being a part of Brunel’s vision for the future? We endeavour to maintain and build upon our reptation as “a world-class creative community that is inspired to work, think and learn together to meet the challenges of the future”. Please work with us to enable us to build on our rich heritage and preserve our distinct and unique reputation for "innovation, creativity, practicality and enterprise", by leaving a Gift in your Will. Having made provision for your family and friends, a legacy to Brunel University London is a Gift that could change lives and bring us closer to answers that will make our world a better place.

Placements, internships and mentoring

Can you offer a work-place experience or advice to help a Brunel student?
Brunel is renowned for pioneering student placements and sandwich programmes. We recognise that career opportunities and learning for students can be greatly enhanced through placements and internships. Hands-on, real-life experience cannot be taught in the lecture theatre, and as such this invaluable opportunity enhances both the student and the work place, providing a great route to source future employees.

Mentoring students is one of the most powerful ways of becoming involved with the life of the university and can be tremendously rewarding both to the mentors and the mentees. If you are interested in getting involved, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Corporate giving and Coporate Social Responsibility

As a not-for-profit organisation with charitable status, there are many ways in which your organisation can support Brunel including:
1. Work with us through your corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme
2. Select Brunel as your chosen charity
3. Direct sponsorship of our activities
4. Donate though corporate Trusts and Foundations
5. Offer placements, internships and mentoring

Collaborative research

Does your organisation have a question we can help you answer?
At Brunel we offer a range of collaborative opportunities to work with industry through research, consultancy and knowledge transfer partnerships (KTPs). Very often there is funding available to support such activities.

Crowdfund with Brunel

Funding and advice for bright ideas - crowdfunding is a great way for you to support our students and their projects to make a real difference here on campus. Take a look at the projects currently running and how you can get involved in supporting them.