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The University has previously had a very active Alumni Association here. Find out more about alumni from this country, what they have been up to and why they volunteered for the university.

Alumni co-ordinator: Rui Liu, MSc Data Communuication Systems (2008)

What I'm doing now...
After a few years working in the Internet industry in the UK and China, I decided to try another lifestyle, and now I have become a freelancer in the Website and Mobile App Consulting area, meanwhile I have been working as a filmmaker.

My best Brunel memory...
My favourite Brunel memory was when I met Usain Bolt while we were playing Badminton at Brunel Sports Centre, I had chance to chat with the fastest man on Earth, he then joined us for a couple of games, and I won!


What Brunel means to me...
I started my UK journey in 2005, the reason I call it a journey is because the seven years stay in the UK has given me so much more than I ever expected, not just the knowledge that I learnt from Brunel University, but also the ability to view the world from a different angle and makes me keep seeking the true value of my life.

After one-year pre-sess, Rui Liuional study at Brunel International Pathways and Language Centre in 2005, I went on studying for the Postgraduate Course Data Communication Systems for a Masters Degree. It wasn’t easy for me at first because of the language and culture barrier, after a few years of studying and living on campus with other students, I started to enjoy every moment there including studying in the Library, cooking and eating in the shared kitchen, playing sport games at the Sports Centre etc.

I appreciate those days that I was studying at Brunel and working in the UK, it has always been and will be the persistence, motivation and perseverance for me to seek the true meaning of my life.

Why I volunteer as an Alumni Associate...
After a few years working in the UK, I returned to China in 2012. Since then I have always felt that we should not disconnect with the University and need to do something about it. In 2014, I spoke to other alumni in China about starting up a Brunel alumni association in China, they were all interested and would like to have it happen soon.

The association branch aims to establish alumni professional network, run social events, provide support services to new students and most importantly promote Brunel University public awareness in China. The alumni network will provide professional advice and career opportunities for graduates who wish to work in China. It will also help to organise social events and fund raising etc., it basically acts as ambassador of the university in China.

I am proud to have studied at Brunel University. I am proud to be involved with Brunel alumni association in a meaningful and rewarding way.