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Economics and Finance skills development

Learn the skills sought after by the economics and finance industry to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

You’ll enter an excellent learning environment, whose focus is on helping you to develop a strong skills base that reflects the needs of employers across finance, management and business economics. Your degree will include modules in key contemporary disciplines such as econometrics – helping you build skills that are highly sought after by finance and investment employers.

Our degrees also allow you to build your ability to work effectively in teams and develop skills in project management, presenting and preparing for the job market.

We highly value the role of practical learning across the department. This means taking your learning beyond textbooks and lectures so you can apply what is taught to real-world situations. You’ll have the opportunity to experience what it is like to operate on the trading floor of a stock exchange or face the 'press' in a mock press conference and events.

Our London campus boasts industry standard software and, with support of expert academics, you’ll use these to develop technical skills that you’ll require in many economics and finance degree jobs. These data systems are used worldwide by companies, government and financial institutions - so your experience at Brunel will help to give you an edge in the graduate market.

Giving you access to standard industry software and tools


BankScope is the most popular database on world banks, and is a crucial tool for Economics and Finance students studying Banking. Provided by Bureau van Dijk, it holds detailed financial information for over 29,000 public and private global banks and 35 banking and financial organisations.


Bloomberg is the largest economic and financial data provider in the world covering all continents and economies. Its relative ease-of-use provides access to economic and financial data as well as business news for countries, corporations and prominent individuals.


Datastream is a global financial platform provided by Thomas Reuters. This database provides access to company, economic and financial data from around the world, over many years. We also run Datastream training sessions in the library. 


As the main product of Thomson Reuters, Eikon is quickly gaining popularity worldwide. It offers access to a vast array of economic and financial data alongside business news, replacing Reuters 3000 Xtra.


The FAME database is provided by business information publisher Bureau van Dijk and gives you access to company and financial data on medium and large UK and Irish businesses. FAME provides information that the companies submit to Companies House - the UK government agency which regulates companies.


Osiris has information on listed, and major unlisted and delisted, companies across the globe. Provided by Bureau van Dijk it gives an insight into financial data on international companies, banks and insurance providers.


Thomson ONE provides access to global market data and news, including company accounts, shareholder information, IPO data and information on mergers and acquisitions. Data is provided by leading financial sources including Thomson Financial, Compustat and Worldscope.