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PAN (Personal Area Network)

While the phrase "the world became a small village" is totally valid and accurate, calls to have more user centric environment is becoming more louder and consistent.

It is to enable commercially viable Personal Networks (PN) that are affordable, user-friendly and beneficial to all types of users in all aspects of their everyday life. This will create Personal Networks by building on what is expected to be one of the most important telecom-related growth markets of the future: Personal Area Networks (PANs). It will produce a framework for future technologies and architectures to connect PANs via wireless wide area networks (WANs), giving users access to the wealth of services these networks provide, including access to other PANs.

The Project vision is that Personal Networks will provide users with unobtrusive support for professional and private activities while safeguarding their privacy and security. Dynamic and diverse in composition, PNs will operate on top of existing subscriber services and ad hoc networks. Configuration and connectivity methods will vary depending on time, place, preference, context, and resources available.

The PN model will consist of several clusters representing the user group of devices in certain physical location , similar to other network performance, the PN need to tackle certain issues:

  • Naming and addressing
  • Service Discovery and registration
  • Routing Management
  • Mobility (Router Handover)
  • Security (Authentication and Authorization)