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Student Profiles

Read our student profiles to find out what it’s really like to be a Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at Brunel.

Nima Mohammadi, Electronic and Electrical Engineering Foundation & Electronic and Electrical Engineering BEng 


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Tom McCann, Electronic and Electrical Engineering MEng

Brunel has excellent and dedicated teaching staff that want the best for you. The Brunel team has been working tirelessly to help its students to improve their learning.

My fondest academic memories at Brunel are working on my final year project; up until that point a lot of the work had been theoretical in nature. Now the work has become practical and a true test of engineering tenacity.

I chose to study at Brunel as I wanted to stay in London, but still go to a university that had a campus. Brunel has a very highly respected engineering department and that was one of the big factors as well. It ticked all the boxes for me. There is also a lot of

I looked online for universities with a course in embedded electronics and I really liked the description of the Brunel course and applied. Simple as that! Also, I really liked the idea of a big campus. I would recommend Brunel to anyone who wants to be in an international community; Brunel is really the hub for that. And I would also recommend it to anyone who loves the course I did which is Electronics and Computer Engineering; I hope this course will never change too much! 

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Lorenzo Cucurachi, Electronic and Electrical Engineering BEng

Brunel has offered me opportunities that I will never forget. My placement year has really helped me progress in terms of technical skills and areas of expertise. I will never be able to thank my Professor enough for the opportunity. I think being a Research Assistant helped me a lot to develop certain quality traits and skills. There is always more to learn but I think doing research really pushes you to grow in a good way. You learn how to approach problems in a better way and how to overcome them which eventually gives you the skills to improve your expertise by yourself.

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Faz Sadeghi, Computer Systems Engineering BEng

I chose Brunel because it was one of the very few universities offering the Computer Systems Engineering degree at the time and I was also aware of Brunel's reputation in the engineering field. I would recommend Brunel and the degree program; it was a well-structured degree and helped keep my options open when it came to choose my career path.

By graduating with an Engineering degree from Brunel, I developed the foundation to build up my career. I am grateful for the opportunities that opened up to me due to my educational background.

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Mujtaba Alsaif, Internet Engineering BEngEnterprise Systems Development MSc

I chose Brunel due to its reputation. I would recommend Brunel University to any aspiring student, as the programs of study have been tailored to try to match the job requirements as much as possible. In addition, it has a lot of invested relationships with the commercial domains, which also supports the continued update to its programs. 

At Brunel, you learn how to manage relationships. Its students come from all corners of the world and as a result, you get the experience of understanding how to manage expectations between people and how to tailor the right message. I had a 1-2-1 session with my supervisor in which we went over the presentation skills required. The skills I garnered during those 2 hours I still use today with my customers. 

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