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Partnerships Information for Staff

Partnerships Information for Staff

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) aims to build and sustain strategic partnerships to enhance research, education and business engagement. We can provide information on opportunities to engage with Brunel’s existing partner institutions as well as advice on developing new relationships. Please contact the GEO for support and guidance when considering new partnership opportunities.

Developing Partnerships

The Managing Partnerships Code of Practice outlines the procedures for considering, establishing and managing partnership agreements. If you would like to suggest a partnership, please submit the appropriate partnership proposal form below to the GEO at partnerships@brunel.ac.uk

Partnership Proposal Forms:

Evaluation Process:

  • Stage 1: Preliminary Evaluation and Outcome
  • Stage 2: Strategic Approval Form
  • Stage 3: Strategic Approval Scrutiny Panel (when required)
  • Stage 4: Partnership and Programme Development (when required)
  • Stage 5: Review of Agreement
  • Stage 5: Final Sign-Off

Supporting Forms (where required):


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